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Sometimes Size Does Matter – Why Clamp Tonnage is Important

When using SOLIDWORKS Plastics, injection pressure, air trap and weld line locations, sink marks, and fill time are some common things that are considered when designing plastic parts. However, clamp tonnage (the force imparted by the injection machine on the mold halves to keep them from separating during the injection process) is often overlooked by novice plastic designers. Let’s look at two reasons why you should design with clamp tonnage in mind.

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SOLIDWORKS 2015 – The Buzz Is Real

As the Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, every year Todd works closely with the Launch presenters to develop an overview that covers as many enhancements as possible. I still find it really incredible that all of these enhancements are driven by customer requests – hundreds of updates and improvements so that everyday users can do their jobs better and faster.

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