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SOLIDWORKS 3D Design Solutions are created to meet the specific needs of your industry - whether you are designing space lunar landing modules for NASA for perfecting sheet metal processes for your business. SOLIDWORKS has the modularity and functionality to meet your needs. Find your industry, read about how SOLIDWORKS is helping our engineers and management design better products. Ask any of our Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals how we can help you in your business.


Depending on their job functions and industry roles, designers, engineers, man­agers, and manufacturers will cite differing factors as to what makes a better product. The answers, in short, are rooted in people’s perceptions—which, in turn, are influenced by their life experiences and unique sets of criteria...

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Weldon Technologies, Inc., manufactures lighting and electrical control systems for specialty vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and school buses. Faced with increasing competition and industry consolidation, Weldon needed to streamline its design process and deliver breakthrough products more rapidly without sacrificing quality or reliability, explains Weldon Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Weishaar...

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Consumer Products

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is a leading manufacturer of stringed instruments, including electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, as well as guitar amplifiers. Since the founding of its predecessor company in 1946 by “Leo” Fender, Fender has built a reputation for producing some of the world’s best-sounding and best-playing electric guitars. Fender’s Stratocaster® and Telecaster® guitar models have become rock-and-roll icons as the instruments of choice for such legendary guitarists as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmour...

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Energy, Plan and Process

The National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) designs and builds sophisticated instrumentation—cameras, imagers, spectrographs, and optics packages—to support its observatories and to provide the best ground-based telescopes for astronomical research. The NOAO Instrument Projects Group is responsible for the development of all astronomical instrumentation and ancillary systems. The group’s most recent assignment involved the design of the Gemini Near Infrared Spectrograph (GNIRS) in conjunction with the International Gemini Project, an initiative to explore the vast infrared-light-emitting reaches of space...

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Engineering Services

The days when mechanical systems and products were strictly mechanical are rapidly coming to a close as products continue to become more capable and more complex. To some degree, these increasingly sophisticated products are virtually guaranteed to employ “mechatronics.” Depending on the product indus­try, mechatronics can be defined in several different ways. Generally, mecha­tronics is the integration of electrical and electronic components into mechani­cal enclosures and/or mechanical subassemblies...

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High Tech/Electronics

Truly safeguarding your data, whether it contains business information, personal finances, or photos of your children, demands more than a simple backup to a standard external hard drive. What happens when scorching fire, damaging floodwaters, or earthquake tremors hit your home or business? Today, some of your most precious effects reside on a computer hard drive—files that can never be replaced—unless you back them up and store them elsewhere. ioSafe, Inc. set out to provide simple protection for the growing volume of valuable personal and business data by creating disaster-proof data storage devices for computers ranging from notebooks to enterprise data centers...

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Industrial Design

Building plants and processing systems—or even an entire factory—in a global economy has become more challenging than ever. Competition is stiff and capital is tight, so the need to control costs, ensure quality, and speed delivery is critical to your success. Whether you develop individual components, equipment, processing systems, or complete plants, integrated 3D solutions can help you develop, coordinate, and deliver on-time and within budget...

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Product design does not occur in a vacuum—it has a significant impact on manufacturing. In fact, 3D design carries even greater potential for streamlining production processes, especially when you take advantage of Design for Manufacturability tools and applications. With these technologies, you can avoid the manufacturing delays, cost overruns, and shop-floor retrofits that work against your company’s success and competitive position...

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To succeed in today’s medical device manufacturing industry, prod­uct designers must not only create innovative medical products but also navigate an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. SOLIDWORKS Premium software can help you meet this challenge. Powerful part definition and industrial design tools foster product innovation while integrated software prototyping and comprehensive design management capabilities support regulatory compliance. With SOLIDWORKS software, you can quickly develop and analyze medical devices and components—and bring them to market faster. Read about the fast growing Medical Device field in the whitepaper, as well as learn what Bausch & Lomb are doing with SOLIDWORKS to improve the design for their world class contact lenses...

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Mold Design

How does a U.S.-based fabricator of foam cushioning products for the footwear industry succeed amid an onslaught of low-cost global competition? Remington Products Company overcame the challenges related to the flight of manufacturing to overseas suppliers by becoming more efficient, and expanding beyond its traditional OEM business as a supplier of footwear products.

The course the company ran to greater productivity and business expansion required a new product development solution. Remington Products needed to be faster, more innovative, and more responsive to develop successful lines of OEM and after-market products—in markets as new and varied as medical, sporting goods, military, industrial, apparel, packaging, automotive, electronic, and consumer products. Learn how Remington's engineering group sought out a 3D product development platform and found it with SOLIDWORKS...

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Oil & Gas 

SOLIDWORKS CAD software provides a complete 3D product develop­ment solution for meeting the demands of today’s rapidly evolving oil and gas industry. With SOLIDWORKS, engineers can more efficiently use 3D design data at every stage of the development process, realizing productivity gains and reduced costs across the board. From conceptual design and component selection through design validation and produc­tion, SOLIDWORKS software provides the integrated tools that oil and gas engineers need to accelerate time-to-market, control development costs, improve product quality and innovation, and compete successfully...

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