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Solutions for SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks. Every Friday.

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Every month, Hawk Ridge Systems presents a series of educational webinars focusing on a specific 3D solution offering. Join us every Friday in January to learn valuable technical information about new 3D design tools and capabilities.


January 3D Solutions Spotlight–  CAMWorks

CAMWorks was the first fully integrated CAM solution designed exclusively to operate in SOLIDWORKS, and this complete integration with SOLIDWORKS provides a number of advantages when planning and programming the machining of components, whether for prototyping or production. It allows you to easily create machining toolpaths and G-code for a variety of milling and turning processes, to help minimize your programming time, and get to that final product faster.

Throughout the month, we'll share information about the different types of machining processes CAMWorks can help with, and share more information about how complete integration with SOLIDWORKS makes it the most effective CAM solution on the market today. Using the example of a fixed-wing drone (that you may have seen in our SOLIDWORKS 2017 launch presentation), our CAMWorks Specialists will present a series of webinars showing NestingWorks, Milling operations, Mill-Turn techniques and much more.

Join our team on every Friday in January to learn more about the manufacturing and machining software and services that are available to you from Hawk Ridge Systems, and see why CAMWorks is your best machining software option if your company uses SOLIDWORKS for design./p>

Upcoming Dates

Date Time Name
Friday, January 27, 2017 11AM - 11:45AM 3D Solutions Spotlight: CAMWorks - Mill Turn and 5 Axis Machining