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Artec Studio Software

Easy 3D Scanning in Artec Studio

Artec Studio 11 has been developed with indispensable tools for engineers, product developers and designers to provide them the fastest and smoothest path from 3D scan to CAD. With options for both autopilot and manual processing modes, Artec Studio allows users to easily scan their objects, and post-process the scanned data into a mesh ready for reverse engineering processes, or other uses.

Preparation for Reverse Engineering

Mesh editing tools in Artec Studio enable the scanned data to be aligned correctly, to remove the base or fixture from the scan, and to cleanup and control the polygon count. Several options are then available for exporting completed meshes to further manipulate or reverse engineer the mesh, either using the Scanto3D tools in SOLIDWORKS, or using a dedicated mesh processing software package , such as Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS.

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