CAMWorks Videos

Hawk Ridge Systems regularly presents informational webinars to demonstrate the power of CAMWorks to provide tips and tricks for users. Click the links below to access videos specific to each product.

CAMWorks Overview

This video is a complete overview of CAMWorks programs in real time. We demonstrate CNC machining applications from 5 Axis machining of impeller[...]

CAMWorks 2015 - Multi Feeds and Speeds for Tools and Display Enhancements

See a preview of the new multi speeds and feeds functions in your mill tool settings. You will also see some new display enhancements for tooling and[...]

CAMWorks 2015 - Feature Selection by Color

This video shows a new enhancement to CAMWorks 2015 allowing you to select features by color.

CAMWorks 2015 - New Turning Features and Stock Part Mode

This video will show you a preview of enhancements in the CAMWorks 2015 release, such as the new stock part mode for mill, turning and mill-turn[...]

Tapered Pockets Pt. 2: Using a Tapered Endmill

How to define a 2.5 axis tapered pocket in CAMWorks by using a tapered endmill.

Tapered Pockets Pt. 1: Using Autodetect / Taper Angle

How to define a 2.5 axis tapered pocket in CAMWorks using the "Autodetect" feature or by manually specifying a taper angle. This allows you to cut a[...]

3 Axis Milling Introduction

Introduction to the 3 axis Roughing and Finishing strategies available in CAMWorks. Easily program internal cavities and external features without[...]

Assembly Machining 101 Pt. 1

This video is intended for someone who is comfortable programming in CAMWorks on individual parts and is looking to take their first step into[...]

Assembly Machining 101 Pt. 2

In part 2 of this series we will take a deeper look at how you can optimize your G-Code by paying careful attention to part machining order and[...]

Create a Custom Mill Tool in CAMWorks

This video shows how to customize your mill tooling, or create a new tool from scratch.

Programming a Corner Slot or Slot

This video shows how to program a Corner Slot both automatically using the Automatic Feature Recognition, and then manually using the Insert New 2.5[...]

CAMWorks 2015 - Editing Feature Profiles

Learn about the new CAMWorks 2015 enhancement in which you can edit and replace feature profiles.

Programming a Multistep Hole

This video shows the steps to programming a multistep hole with the technology database in CAMWorks.

How to Machine Features with a Top Fillet

For those of you that are new to CAMWorks, or programming features with top fillets, here's a quick video to help you get started.

How to Machine Soft Jaws

This video shows a simple but effective way to cut out a part profile in machinable jaw blanks or "soft jaws".

Turning Introduction

Introduction to turning (programming for a CNC lathe) in CAMWorks. This video introduces the programming workflow for automatic and interactive[...]

Swiss Turn Style Machine Programmed using CAMWorks

Programming a multi-axis Swiss-style turning centers with CAMWorks and never leaving your SOLIDWORKS design package.

VoluMill Comparison

Explore the benefits and increased productivity by running VoluMill inside of CAMWorks. The results may surprise you!

Defining A Mill Machine [TechDB Series Pt. 1]

This video will show how to set up your machine definition in the CAMWorks TechDB. In the video we set up a mill machine but the same workflow and[...]

Understanding Feature Conditions [TechDB Series Pt. 2]

In this video we explore what happens when you select "generate operation plan" in CAMWorks. What is the software doing, why does it give me the[...]

Backup and Maintenance [TechDB Series Pt. 3]

This video covers the basics of backup, recovery, and general technology database maintenance.