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HawkWare is a full suite of productivity applications from Hawk Ridge Systems to enhance the functionality and usability of SOLIDWORKS design tools.

These apps are designed, developed, and maintained by Hawk Ridge Systems to give you the most productivity from SOLIDWORKS design solutions, while giving you the highest level of quality control possible.
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HawkWare Standard

The standard level HawkWare tools are generally designed to automate a piece of functionality which already exists in the software. This could be turning 5 clicks into 2 clicks, or adding a small interface to make the action you are performing more visible. These tools are very simple to install and operate, and with the included instruction manuals, anyone with the proper permissions can get them up and running.

HawkWare Professional

Our professional level HawkWare tools are designed to add functionality where it doesn't currently exist in a product. For example, our Auto Part Number tool adds an interface for creating your own automatically generated part numbers for SOLIDWORKS files. While these tools add great functionality for your users, they are still very simple to install, update, and administer.

About HawkWare Video

Watch the Webinar: What is HawkWare?

Learn how HawkWare tools save you time every day that you design, and how many of the top enhancement requests for SOLIDWORKS are addressed by HawkWare applications - including the #2 enhancement request this year at SOLIDWORKS World 2014, rename component inside assembly.

Many of the HawkWare applications are completely free to download, and can make you more productive right away. We'll show you how to download and install, and how you can use them to start saving time today.