The remote workstation solution for SolidWorks.

The NVIDIA GRID™ Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) is the only platform certified and supported by Dassault Systèmes to virtualize and remotely deliver SolidWorks over the network. VCA is a powerful GPU-based appliance that can be centrally located and accessed via the company network.

GPU acceleration gives users working locally or remotely, including notebooks or mobile devices, the same SolidWorks experience they would get from a dedicated high performance desk-side workstation.

Hawk Ridge Systems NVIDIA GRID VCA Case Study

Watch the NVIDIA GRID VCA Webinar to explore the benefits of SolidWorks on the GRID

View the NVIDIA GRID VCA Webinar

How it Works

  • From the server room, the GRID VCA serves up virtual machines for up to eight concurrent SolidWorks users.
  • Each user has dedicated access to their own workstation-class NVIDIA GPU.
  • A high-resolution stream of SolidWorks is delivered over the network to their PC of choice; Mac, Linux, or Windows.
  • The user gets workstation-class performance anywhere they are connected to the local area network.


Download NVIDIA GRID VCA Datasheet