SOLIDWORKS Composer helps your organization leverage 3D CAD data to create dynamic graphical content that clearly communicates your products.

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Kvichak Marine - Going Paperless with SOLIDWORKS Composer

Kvichak vessels are on the job and meeting the rigorous demands of the sea every day. Utilizing the power of SOLIDWORKS Composer Kvichak Marine is now able to view entire ship assembly’s right on the shop floor, virtually eliminating the need for paper drawings. SOLIDWORKS Composer has opened up opportunities for lean manufacturing in ways that were impossible to accomplish in the past.

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AMD Looks to SOLIDWORKS Composer to Showcase the Power of AMD FirePro Professional Graphics


Needed a compelling way to demonstrate the features of the AMD FirePro W7000 graphics card installed in a Dell Precision T7610 workstation.


Brought existing AMD and Dell CAD models into SOLIDWORKS Composer to easily create an interactive and engaging demo that communicates the compelling design attributes of both products.


The demo is a versatile vehicle in use at trade shows, user group events, in Dell Solutions Centers and for regional sales needs. Even those without a technical understanding of computer hardware products understand the benefits displayed in the SOLIDWORKS Composer animation.

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2015
“Dell workstation product assemblies are massive and include many subassemblies and components, so information can get deep quickly. With its ability to seamlessly work with CATIA and SOLIDWORKS datasets, SOLIDWORKS Composer gives us the ability to easily put a workflow demonstration and animations together that are very intuitive without having to explain a lot of details. The result is an encapsulated demonstration that is easy for a marketing generalist to create and for anyone to use.”
— Antoine Reymond Senior Strategic Alliances Manager, AMD


Printable Instructions #3 – Linking a Word Doc to Composer

1Scroll past video to view the step-by-step instructions Now that we have imported the CAD model to Composer and set up the Step by Step instructions, it is time to create the Word document and link to Composer images. We want to link these images because if the image updates in Composer we want toRead the Rest...

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Printable Instructions Manual #2 – Creating Step by Step Images

1Scroll past video to view the step-by-step instructions. Now that the CAD model is in SOLIDWORKS Composer, it is time to start creating the Step by Step Images for the printable instructions manual. Step One We will start with defining graphical settings for the images; this includes items such as: background, color, outline, lighting, andRead the Rest...

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Default Document Properties in SOLIDWORKS Composer

1When bringing in SOLIDWORKS files into Composer via the Pull method, there are some very important document properties to set up beforehand. When you go to File > Properties, you’ll see ‘Document Properties’ and ‘Default Document Properties’. What’s the difference? Great question!

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