Intelligent, Automated Electrical Design

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Designers and engineers can quickly define the electrical interconnect of complex electrical systems with our easy-to-use electrical system design solutions in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Utilizing intelligent single line or traditional multiline schematics, and a library of thousands of electrical schematic symbols and parts, you develop embedded electrical system designs in a real-time, collaborative multi-user environment that connects mechanical and electrical engineering.

Featured Solutions

Easy Schematic Creation

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic provides a standalone, easy-to-use, electrical design system to efficiently define electrical interconnections for complex electrical systems

Simple Electrical Design

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D™ provides easy-to-use CAD-embedded, electrical system design to integrate electrical schematic design data from SSOLIDWORKS Electrical into a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD model.

Rapid Design Planning

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D provides a powerful, easy-to-use planning tool for rapid design of schematically defined embedded electrical systems in the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD model.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Additional Capabilities

Component Library

An extensive integrated library of manufacturer parts that provide an easily customizable and adaptable parts base through easy-to-use import tools and wizards.

PLC Tools

SOLIDWORKS® Electrical PLC management tools automate many PLC wiring design tasks and can import PLC data and labels.


Provides highly simplified auto-routing of wire, cables, and harnesses from within 3D CAD models by utilizing advanced SOLIDWORKS routing technology.

Auto Terminal Drawing Creation

Eliminates the laborious task of creating and maintaining synchronized terminal drawings. As the electrical design develops, changes are automatically synchronized.

Harness Development

Create schematic driven harness designs by utilizing real-time, bidirectional functionality, coupled with powerful routing, flattening, and auto-documentation capabilities.

2D & 3D Cabinet Layout

Readily generate 2D panel representations from an electrical schematic that show 2D outlines of electrical components.