Intelligent, Automated Electrical Design

Some of the North America's most respected companies choose SOLIDWORKS Electrical, including:

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Electrical Schematics Automatically Linked to Their 3D Model

  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical leverages the power of database driven automation to marry traditional 2D diagrams with the 3D visualization, product development, and manufacturing advantages of your SOLIDWORKS 3D models.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Electrical Schematics
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Efficient Schematic Design Tools

Highly Efficient Schematic Design Tools

  • Electrical designers will truly appreciate the efficiency with included features such as: wire drawing tools that split/heal/merge/trim automatically, automatic labeling of terminals on symbols, used/unused circuits identified in a cross-reference table; a single-button action to completely draw and document a terminal strip, complete with wiring details; automatic numbering and naming of wires, and components customizable to any company’s internal standards.

Automation Equipment, Machinery, Power Systems and More!

  • Complicated, high value products demand high quality visualization tools which are dynamic but yet easy to learn. SOLIDWORKS Electrical borrows heavily from traditional 2D software like DraftSight for pure speed when drafting and engineering.
  • With typical work packages ranging from 5 -500 pages, modern companies don’t have time to check and recheck drawings as a project evolves. When you add in contractors to a design process, only SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows you to intelligently link all components across an entire project to ensure your schematics are always accurate.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Control Panel Design and Optimization

2D and 3D Control Panel Design and Optimization

  • Determine optimum locations for each wire type, gauge, function, or equipotential.
  • Ensure mounting brackets, DIN rails, PLC’s or any other hardware do not interfere with wiring.
  • 3D design will allow you to instantly determine center of gravity, analyze parts for performance under operating conditions, such as vibration, excessive heat, or external forces. You’ll save money and cost by determining any issues before producing a prototype.

Automatic Reporting

  • Users can instantly generate from/to lists, wire lists, reports of wiring by manufacturer, line type, or any other data point instantly and accurately.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D Automatic Reporting
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Instant Harness Diagrams & Flat Patterns

  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical offers users schematic driven harness design by utilizing real-time, bidirectional intelligent geometry, coupled with powerful routing, flattening, and auto-documentation capabilities.

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Pre-Built Electrical Library of Standard Symbols

  • The SOLIDWORKS Electrical database is loaded with nearly 500,000 standard-specific schematic symbols and manufacturer-specific parts.
  • Each part can be directly linked to an accurate 2D “footprint” for 2D panel layout, an icon view for high-level diagrams, and 3D SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.
  • Customers using MRP/ERP systems can easily link these parts, along with dozens of user-defined fields, to their existing systems. These libraries can be organized into company “favorites,” ensuring that all designers are working from a company’s preferred catalog of components.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Easy, Fast, and Accurate 3D Routing

  • 3D Wire routing is easy and can be visualized prior to the prototype stage.
  • Integrated tools will calculate routing paths and accurate wire lengths, providing users with information to help estimate the cost of a project.

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Real Time SQL Data Sync (No XML)

  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical is built on a live SQL database. This means that your users are working off real-time data. By contrast, relying on XML data exchange may only take place periodically and could be outdated.
  • XML transfer from/to electrical schematic data and 3D models open up the possibility of multiple instances of identical components, which could make it difficult to correctly match the schematic parts back with the mechanical components.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Integration into SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

  • Every license of SOLIDWORKS Electrical ships with a ready-to-use integration to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional which eliminates a significant cause of inconsistencies between electrical and mechanical designs and helps companies develop products faster and with fewer errors.

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Single Source for Engineering Software

  • SOLIDWORKS products are designed to work together, follow synchronized release cycles and operate from the same licensing mechanisms.
  • Your systems administrators can upgrade all products at once knowing you’ll spend significantly less time testing stability.
  • Users will benefit from the similar look and feel across our product range and find value from the consistent, technical, and deep product knowledge provided by Hawk Ridge Systems.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D