Automated SOLIDWORKS Data Import Features Ability to automatically (instead of manually) sort files when importing into PDM. (For example, if SOLIDWORKS part has a Revision A, go to Released, no revision, go to Work in Process)    
Automatic Document Creation (PDF, STEP, IGES, etc.) Automatically create PDF, STEP, IGES (any save as format in SWX) in PDM when a file gets "Released" or using some other trigger.    
HawkWare Applications Any HawkWare applications for PDM use the API only available in Pro so HawkWare for PDM is only available in PDM Pro.    
Multi-Site Two or more offices using SOLIDWORKS who want to collaborate and share data or standard templates and part libraries.    
Small Groups PDM Standard is intended for smaller groups of around 5 users. Standard uses SQL Express which has a limit of 1 GB of RAM usage, which means more than 5 users could start to degrade performance. There is no data on how much degradation, but users will generally feel the system slow down the more users there are.    
Web Server Access to a web portal that can be accessed outside the office. Allows Mac and Mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc) users access to the vault.    
10 + Workflow States PDM Standard is limited to only having 1 workflow for all documents, so all groups must use the same workflow for all file types (SOLIDWORKS, Office, text, etc.) This workflow can only have a maximum of 10 states so any customization beyond that is not possible without moving to PDM Pro    
API Acces to Develop Custom Applications Ability to access API (Application Programming Interface) code to be able to make changes to out of the box software by writing custom applications.    
ERP System Integration Enterprise Resource Planning systems are used to track inventory and usually get fed information like Bills of Materials from PDM. Standard cannot automatically communicate or integrate with ERP Systems.    
PLM System Integration Product Lifecycle Management systems are business systems fed with information from Product Data Management (PDM) systems. PDM Standard cannot automatically output files to PLM systems    
xBOM The internally developed Hawk Ridge Systems PDM application called xBOM (separate purchase) which consolidates Bills of Materials (combining Mechanical and Electrical BOMs for example) is only compatible with SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro due to Standard being unable to access the API    

Windows Folders

Workgroup PDM (Legacy only) SOLIDWORKS
PDM Standard
Suggested Users (small groups)  
No PDM Control
Suggested Users (5+) 1        
SOLIDWORKS Add-in        
SOLIDWORKS Compatibility2  
No PDM Control
Same major release version only Same major release version only Two previous major release versions
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Compatibility3  
No PDM Control
CAD Editor Client4        
Contributor Client5        
Viewer Client6        
Multiple Workflows7     Limited to 1  
Workflow States8   Lifecycles - No workflow control Limited to 10  
RAM Limitations9   2 GB (no database and 32-bit architecture) 1 GB (database and 64-bit architecture) 128 GB
Database Limitations10   No database 10 GB database size 524 PB (PetaBytes) database size
Multi-Site Replication11        
Revision Schemes12   2 2  
Parallel Approvals13        
Offline Mode14        
Web Client15        
SQL Express Support16        
SQL Standard Support17        
Automated Tasks18        
Automated Data Import/Export19        
Multi-CAD Support20  
No PDM Control
    AutoCAD, Inventor, Pro/E, Solid Edge
Report Generator22        
File Categories23        
Version Labels24        
Named Bill of Materials25        
Transition Actions26     Limited Actions  
eDrawings Preview27        
Multi-Document Preview28        
External Viewer Integration29        
Serial Numbers31        
Content Search (indexing)32        
Integrated Search Tool33        
Dedicated search tool34        
Search Favorites35        
Active Directory and LDAP Login36        
Notifications – PDM Inbox (Database)37        
Notifications – Email (SMTP)38        
Custom Add-in Support39        
Item Support        
eDrawings Professional41        
Draftsight Add-in42        
Microsoft Office Add-in43        
Paste Shared Links44        
Menu and Toolbar Customization45        
Version Free Variables46