SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability performs real-time environmental assessment as part of your product design process. Turn your sustainability goals into results.

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In today's global marketplace, being a responsible company is paramount. Are you looking for ways to minimize your environmental impact? Sustainability software helps you make more environmentally conscious choices with your product designs.

Relying on industry-accepted science, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software is easy to use, and powerful. It will give you a detailed analysis with the information you need to make the most environmentally friendly decisions throughout product design.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Design Cycle

How SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Works

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software measures four environmental indicators over the life cycle of your product: carbon footprint, total energy consumed, and air and water impacts. For each of these four environmental indicators, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability has an Environmental Impact Dashboard which measures and monitors these indicators.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides:

  • Environmental Impact Dashboard
  • Seamless Integration with SOLIDWORKS
  • Material Selection Tools
  • Automatically Generated Environmental Reports
  • Instant Design Feedback
  • Life Cycle Assessment Impact

Why SOLIDWORKS Sustainability?

All of SOLIDWORKS Sustainability capabilities remove the traditional obstacles to sustainable design, making it a seamless part of your design process for the first time. You'll be able to perform a thorough environmental assessment in a way that's simple to understand, apply and explain - just like every other SOLIDWORKS product. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability will give both you and your environmentally conscious company a competitive edge - and help you do your part for the planet.