SOLIDWORKS Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS Premium Capabilities (Standard and Professional included)

  • SOLIDWORKS Routing

    SOLIDWORKS Routing

    Perform routed system design tasks easily and automatically. Speed up the process of routing tubes, pipes, electrical cable and harnesses and electrical conduit.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation

    SOLIDWORKS Simulation

    Go beyond simple hand calculations by verifying your intuitions and study the real-world performance of different design alternatives without ever leaving the SOLIDWORKS window.

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    SOLIDWORKS Motion enables engineers to size motors/actuators, determine power consumption, layout linkages, develop cams, understand gear drives, size springs/dampers, and determine how contacting parts behave.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Surface Flattening

    Advanced Surface Flattening

    Automatically flatten complex surfaces and interrogate an interactive deformation plot (mesh) to graphically view stretch and compression concentrations that can occur when flattening some surfaces with high curvature.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Assembly Level Cost Roll Up

    Assembly Level Cost Roll Up

    The Assembly Cost Roll Up capability streamlines the process of totaling the costs of calculated parts (sheet metal, machined, molded, welded, etc.), purchased parts, and Toolbox parts. You can also add Custom Operations, like painting or packaging, to the top-level of the assembly.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

    SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

    SOLIDWORKS Sustainability performs real-time environmental assessment as part of your product design process. Turn your sustainability goals into results.

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SOLIDWORKS Professional Capabilities (Standard capabilities included)

  • SOLIDWORKS Costing


    The Costing tool helps you calculate how much it costs to manufacture sheet metal and machined parts by automating the cost estimation and quotation process.

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  • SolidWorks CircuitWorks


    CircuitWorks is designed to bridge the gap between SOLIDWORKS and Electrical Computer-Aided Design (ECAD) systems by providing an intuitive tool that allows users to import and export Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designs between SOLIDWORKS and ECAD systems.

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  • eDrawings Professional

    eDrawings Professional

    Collaborate more effectively with everyone involved in product development by using eDrawings™ software, the first email-enabled communication tool that dramatically eases sharing of product design information.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Toolbox

    SOLIDWORKS Toolbox

    With SOLIDWORKS Toolbox you have instant access to an entire encyclopedia of standard components. Now you can select and place the right part in the right hole in seconds. Just indicate your hole or thread size and click — there’s your part. Now just drag and drop it into place.

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  • PhotoView 360

    PhotoView 360

    PhotoView 360 allows busy engineers to create highly realistic photorealistic renderings.

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    ScanTo3D is an indispensable tool for any designer who needs to capture physical concept models, existing OEM parts, or anatomical objects and use these scanned renditions as references to build SOLIDWORKS models.

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  • SOLIDWORKS TolAnalyst


    TolAnalyst™ is a tolerance analysis tool used to study the effects tolerances and assembly methods have on dimensional stack-up between two features of an assembly.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

    SOLIDWORKS Design Checker

    Streamline your organization's design release process with SOLIDWORKS Design Checker, a productivity tool that automatically identifies elements that may be inconsistent with your organization's design standards.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler

    SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler

    The SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler lets you set up tasks to perform at a future time. For example, if you need to perform a resource-intensive task such as rebuilding a large assembly.

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SOLIDWORKS Standard Capabilities

  • DriveWorksXpress


    DriveWorksXpress is the easy to use, Rules-based Design Automation tool for SOLIDWORKS Engineers, allowing users to create multiple variations of parts, assemblies and drawings quickly and accurately.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Animations


    Explode an assembly. Move interactive parts. Fly around your model. Rotate it to any angle. With SOLIDWORKS Animator you can do it all without being an expert in animation.

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  • 3D ContentCentral

    3D ContentCentral

    3D ContentCentral® is an online service for locating, configuring, and downloading free 3D CAD models of supplier parts, components, and assemblies.

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  • eDrawings Publisher

    eDrawings Publisher

    Collaborate more effectively with everyone involved in product development by using eDrawings™ software, the first email-enabled communication tool that dramatically eases sharing of product design information.

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  • FeatureWorks


    The first parametric feature recognition software for SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD users, FeatureWorks enables more productive sharing of 3D models between SOLIDWORKS and other CAD systems.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Utilities

    SOLIDWORKS Utilities

    SOLIDWORKS Utilities is a set of tools that lets you examine in detail the geometry of a solid model, and make comparisons to other models. All SOLIDWORKS Utilities require SOLIDWORKS Professional.

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