Analysis Consulting Services

Whether you’re a new SOLDWORKS Simulation user who needs help getting started or you have an analysis task that needs to be completed, our analysis consulting team is ready to help.

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Let the experts in SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools work for you

In our complex world of engineering design, you may be faced with challenges that you have the knowledge to solve, but may be lacking the tools, the time, or the people to address them. At Hawk Ridge Systems, many of our customers have asked us to lend a hand and help them with their analysis to make sure that they are using the right design parameters. If you are interested in outsourcing your analysis, or you find that you can use an extra set of eyes, our SOLIDWORKS Simulation experts are available to help you optimize your analysis process.

Hawk Ridge Sytems has been in the Analysis Consulting business since the introduction of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Our team of experts can help you solve complex structural, thermal, fluid flow, electronics cooling, vibration and shock, multibody dynamic motion, nonlinear, sustainability assessment, and mold flow analysis.

Hawk Ridge Systems offers a broad range of analysis consulting services for:

Whether you’re a new SOLDWORKS Simulation user who needs help getting started, an intermediate user needing guidance on a new application, an experienced user who needs a second opinion, or you simply have an analysis task that needs to be completed, our analysis consulting team is ready to help. You may be reviewing the options to upgrade from SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Whatever your current CAD platform is, we can help you assess your situation so that you are optimizing your investment in your analysis tools. 

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Analysis Consulting Datasheet

Find out how Analysis Consulting can benefit your organization. Download the Hawk Ridge Systems Analysis Consulting Services Datasheet and learn more about how consulting and mentoring can help you in your design process.


Analysis Consulting Packages

Design Check Design Assessment Design Verification
$3995 $4995 $5595
"Check Your Concept" "Assess Your Solutions" "Verify Your Design Candidate"
1 Analysis, Model with Main Features, Broad Assumptions and Accuracy 2 Analyses, Model with Main Details, Broad Assumptions and Accuracy 1 Analysis, Model with Fine Level Details, Less Assumptions, Higher Accuracy
2 Week Turnaround Time* 3 Week Turnaround Time* 3 Week Turnaround Time*
*For total turnaround time from time of purchase, add 2 weeks for analyst assignment, strategy development, file collection and application review. Priority service is available to reduce total turnaround time up to 2 weeks.

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Our Approach

Our approach is unique from other analysis consulting services providers – the process is holistic and interactive. The goal is to engage you so that you are confident with results that we provide to make your design decisions.

Our analysis consultants will work with you to define the problem and parameters, setup and conduct the analysis, evaluate the different conditions and designs, and provide you with the engineering results that you need to make your design decisions. The results are accurate and realistic.

Once you approve the scope of the project and provide us with your 3D models, we will set up the analysis and provide the results to you. Our pricing is flexible in order to meet your unique needs. Some of our customers prefer a project based on time and materials, others would rather engage on a fixed bid basis. We provide flexibility in order to meet your analysis requirements, and your budget.

We work seamlessly with your engineering and design team, either on a specific project, or as an extension of your existing team to add capabilities and resources. Many of our customers have used Hawk Ridge Systems to get a second opinion, or to ask for guidance on a new application. Whatever your design and analysis needs may be, we have the experts ready to help optimize your design process so you can make critical design decisions.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Analysis Consulting Services

Get Accurate Analysis Results, Faster and Easier

Under the gun to test a design but don’t have the time to do the analysis yourself? Or maybe you’ve got the time but don’t know where to start? Join us for this webinar to learn more about the analysis consulting and training services that Hawk Ridge Systems offers and how they can help you based on your short and long term goals.

Analysis Consulting Case Study

See for yourself how Hawk Ridge Systems can save you valuable time and resources when you utilize the consulting experts on the Analysis Consulting team. Well versed in FEA, CFD and all things related to stress analysis, flow or plastics design, watch the short video for an analysis consulting use case.  

What our customers are saying about Analysis Consulting

Our customers say it best with their feedback. We survey every customer after a consulting engagement and their response has been overwhelming positive. They have graded us from good to excellent on cost, quality, total turnaround time and the ability to make design decisions.  Here are just a few of the comments:

"A great resource for us when simulation jobs are complex, or we are busy." - An engineering services firm in the automotive industry
"Very professional, knowledgeable and timely." - New SOLIDWORKS Simulation user
"A pleasure to work with, a very competent engineer who was able to contribute to the problem statement and return a solution." - Technical director, engineering services firm