Customized APIs

Let us help you automate your engineering workflow to save time on repetitive tasks.

Customized Application Programming Interfaces for Increased Productivity

Hawk Ridge Systems provides fee-based APIs which complement a number of industry-specific applications. We have many productivity tools available to support our customer usage of SOLIDWORKS and the necessary interfaces to other common applications. In addition to our customized API services, we also offer free productivity tools, such as HawkTools™, and HawkWare™.

We're dedicated to helping you be as productive as possible. Our free APIs and productivity tools are part of our on-going commitment to enhancing your experience with SOLIDWORKS, and with Hawk Ridge Systems. Check out some of the tools in HawkWare Standard for commonly requested applications.

HawkWare™ Standard Applications

Hawk Ridge Systems offers four standard applications for HawkWare™ to help you optimize your use of SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM).

HawkWare: Add References

The free application allows users of SOLIDWORKS PDM to quickly create file references between two isolated fields. This will offer users the ability to quickly build Bill of Materials (BOMs) and other reference structures between files that would normal be unrelated. This applies to SOLIDWORKS Assemblies and Instruction Manuals. While this functionality exists in SOLIDWORKS PDM, this HawkWare API Add References significantly streamlines the process, giving you greater productivity. This is one of the many added value resources that Hawk Ridge Systems makes available to our customers, on a no-charge basis.

HawkWare: Variable Creator

The HawkWare Variable Creator solves the singular variable creation process which SOLIDWORKS PDM currently employs and allows users to create multiple variables -at a single time. Variable Creator will also allow a user to link specific SOLIDWORKS properties en masse for better communication with other SOLIDWORKS CAD files. This is beneficial at the initial creation of the Vault and for expanding on the capabilities of the Vault.

HawkWare: Folder Creator

The Folder Creator feature in HawkWare allows users to create a group of folders quickly and easily using a pattern of folder names, or a discreet listing of names. This is useful in the Vault creation, or at any other time when large amounts of data are imported, and require the proper naming and folder conventions.

HawkWare: BOM Exporter

While SOLIDWORKS PDM can export BOMs automatically to XML through the defined workflow, this productivity tool will allow users to export multiple BOMs to either .txt or .cvs formats independent of the workflow. Exporting BOMs becomes effortless with this free productivity tool from Hawk Ridge Systems.