SOLIDWORKS Composer - Online

SOLIDWORKS Composer - Online
Learn the fundamental skills and concepts to use SOLIDWORKS Composer software to create 2D and 3D output from CAD design data. Discover how to create views such as vector line art and raster images. Explore creating animations that could be used for service/assembly procedures, marketing, training etc.
$750.00 USD
3 x 4 Hour Sessions
Recommended Pre-Reqs:
  • PC Windows Operating System/
Main Topics Covered:
  • COMPOSER User Interface
  • Marketing Render
  • Updating Models
  • Workshops
  • Subassembly Selection
  • Labels & Styles
  • Bill of Materials
  • The Digger & the Root
  • Explode Lines and Detail Views
  • Creating a Story Board
  • Making a Video
  • Event Linking and Linking URLs
  • Animation Thumbnails
  • Publications