SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mentoring

Mentoring Services for SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tools

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation experts at Hawk Ridge Systems can provide application specific training for your environment with Mentoring Services.

Application Specific Training for SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Training is an essential foundation for the successful implementation of design analysis software. SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools can be especially challenging and you may need additional training or customization to help you leverage your analysis tools. Hawk Ridge Systems offers one-on-one Mentoring to help you learn how to apply the advanced capabilities in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to your own engineering environment. Our Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation experts provide training and "real-world" industry experience to help you apply what you learned in the classroom to your own instance of Simulation. We teach you the software interfaces and help you solve standard engineering problems for all of our SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools, including SOLIDWORKS Premium, Simulation, Flow Simulation, and SOLIDWORKS Plastics. Mentoring services benefit both new SOLIDWORKS Simulation users as well as experienced analysis pros.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mentoring

Through our one-on-one Mentoring program, our world renowned certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation experts help you extend what you learned in the classroom and apply it to your application to get results that are accurate and can help you make sound design decisions. From planning your analysis, to extracting and understanding the results, the entire end-to-end analysis process is included with your Mentoring session. Mentoring from Hawk Ridge Systems will take you to the next level as a SOLIDWORKS Simulation user.

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Mentoring Approach:

Similar to our Analysis Consulting approach, our analysis experts will work with you to define the problem and parameters for your environment. They will execute the analysis and develop a training curriculum to teach you how this analysis was executed. The Mentoring Sessions are conducted in a 3-hour online or on-site meeting covering topics such as:

  • Analysis Problem and Goals Definition
  • Analysis Resources
  • Analysis Setup Procedures
  • Results Generation
  • Assessment of Assumptions and Accuracy
  • Planning Next Steps
  • Analysis Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
  • Software Limitation Assessment and Workaround Planning

At the completion of your session you will recieve a copy of your files with the analysis setup, a reference guide that covers all the topics from your session, and a follow-up session with your analyst to cover any questions.

Customer Use Cases for Mentoring Include:

  • Gripping force analysis for heavy industry equipment with SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • Heat sink thermal optimization for handheld medical devices with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  • Flow rate balance optimization for multiple outlet hydro-electrical power generation devices with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  • Fluid flow analysis for the internal components for medical devices with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  • Harmonic response analysis of medical devices with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
  • Clamp tonnage estimation of a high volume plastic part mold with SOLIDWORKS Plastics
  • Multi-body contact analysis with SOLIDWORKS Motion

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