SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials

Hawk Ridge Systems regularly presents informational webinars to demonstrate the power of SOLIDWORKS Simulation to provide tips and tricks for users. Click the links below to access webinars recorded from previous presentations.

Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation for Shock, Vibration and Seismic Testing

October 26, 2016

So much of what we design is subjected to dynamic testing, and more and more standards require confidence in the response of our products to these[...]

Making a Better Medical Device with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

August 24, 2016

The biomedical industry has long been at the forefront of bringing cutting edge, life-saving technologies to the real world, often by using SOLIDWORKS[...]

Don’t Break The Mold - the Perfect Cycle Time with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

June 29, 2016

One of the biggest challenges for any toolmaker is producing a tool that delivers the best output a molder could ask for, without wasting time and[...]

Fly Higher With Shock, Vibration, Drop and Fatigue Testing

May 20, 2016

In the world of mechanical engineering, nearly everything moves. This means that the performance of a product is dependent on how it responds to[...]

Fly Higher With Stress Analysis and Optimization in SIMULIA

May 13, 2016

Stress analysis is most engineer's first introduction into the world of analysis. We're trying to answer the question: is this product[...]

Did You Know These Options Existed Inside SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

March 23, 2016

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has so many different options and tools to help with overall efficiency and set-up for different applications. Do you think you[...]

Thermoset Materials in SOLIDWORKS

December 07, 2016

2016/12/07 - Did you know that SOLIDWORKS Plastics can simulate a kind of material that isn't actually… plastic? Thermoset polymers include[...]

Rapid Design Iterations with Flow Simulation

December 16, 2015

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation's greatest potential lies in its ability to run complex fluid analyis directly on your SOLIDWORKS geometry, allowing[...]

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2016 - Flow and Plastics

November 18, 2015

The suite of analysis capabilities in SOLIDWORKS goes beyond just stress analysis, and the 2016 release of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and SOLIDWORKS[...]

What’s New in 2016 - Simulation Stress Analysis

November 04, 2015

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has a number of great new features in 2016. With a new mesher as an available option, the ability to section mesh, create[...]

3 Secret Analysis Efficiency Tools You’re Probably Not Using

July 22, 2015

In this week's webinar Senior Application Engineer Terrance Woo demonstrates three analysis efficiency tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation that will[...]

Taking Analysis to the Next Level with SIMULIA Abaqus CAE

May 14, 2015

SIMULIA Abaqus CAE is a powerful multiphysics analysis solution that represents the next level of analysis capability above and beyond what is[...]

Mold Design in SOLIDWORKS 2015

April 02, 2015

Join us to see how you can simplify mold design with fully integrated product design, mold design, and validation that updates all part files[...]

Making Better Injection Molded Parts with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

March 16, 2015

Avoid defects at the start of the tool design process with SOLIDWORKS Plastics. This plastic injection molding software is focused on analyzing the[...]

Improving Hi-Tech Electronics Design with Flow Simulation

February 26, 2015

Electronics system and enclosure design is getting more and more challenging from a thermal perspective - industry trends are putting more power into[...]

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Product Tour

January 14, 2015

Stress analysis in SOLIDWORKS comes in all shapes and sizes – from the SimXpress toolset that comes in every license of SOLIDWORKS to nonlinear[...]

Flow Simulation Applications

October 17, 2014

For anyone interested in understanding how fluid flow is affecting their designs, this eDemo is a must-see. Take a look at some typical customer[...]

Professional - Premium - Advanced

September 12, 2014

SOLIDWORKS Plastics is an injection molding analysis tool that gives insight into the performance of the injection molding process and advance warning[...]

Premium - Dynamics and Nonlinear

June 16, 2014

If you’re interested in exploring the full range of finite element analysis available for SOLIDWORKS, this eDemo is for you. SOLIDWORKS[...]

A Design For Life - Different Approaches to Assessing Fatigue Failure

March 09, 2016

Join us to see how we can utilize a Fatigue Study from SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional to ensure you maximize the product life of your design! We[...]

Power In Your Hand: Lighting & Consumer Products in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

February 17, 2016

If there's one thing that most designers share, it's that their perfect product would do its job while being an inconspicuous as possible. For[...]

Can I Analyze That with Just SOLIDWORKS? Yes, but…

May 27, 2015

Every version of SOLIDWORKS comes with Simulation Xpress and Flow Xpress, built-in simulation tools for FEA and CFD analysis. SOLIDWORKS Premium adds[...]

Key Skills for SOLIDWORKS Plastics Users

April 02, 2015

The SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection molding analysis software is an easy to use tool for identifying molding issues before you start design,[...]

4 Things to Do Before Any Flow Simulation

March 18, 2015

There are four things we recommend before starting any flow simulation analysis in SOLIDWORKS: turn on Force Rebuild with Verification on Rebuild,[...]

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2015

January 22, 2015

With the calendar rolling over to 2015, it's a great time to revisit some of the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Simulation software that we released[...]

Simulation First Steps

October 08, 2014

Whether you saw our SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual (SWMC) eDemo last month or not, you are welcome to join us as we look at Simulia® Structural[...]

Analysis Services - You Can’t Mold That Part - and Here’s Why

September 26, 2014

We’ve all been there-your customer comes to you with a design and wants you to build it a certain way, but you know their way won’t work.[...]

Representing Ball Screws And Linear Rails In Your Analysis

August 13, 2014

Have you considered the performance of your assemblies or components when mounted to ball screws or linear rails? The Simulation Services team[...]

Night School: Part 2: Troubleshooting Common Stress Analysis Issues and Flow Analysis

July 25, 2014

Part 2 of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Night School covers how to deal with common stress analysis issues. Learn more about mesh convergence practices,[...]

Night School : Part 1: Understanding the Stress Analysis Process

July 23, 2014

Are you ready to start designing, lighter, more efficient parts? This online version of our SOLIDWORKS Night School event covers the analysis tools[...]

Meshing 101

June 19, 2014

Learn how to apply, modify, troubleshoot, and control mesh in stress analysis so you can get accurate results. We'll review mesh creation tools,[...]

Simulation Buyer’s Guide for the Life Science/Medical Devices Industry

May 28, 2014

This buyer's guide provides technical summaries of the key decision points that should be considered when selecting an analysis tool for a[...]

Buyer’s Guide for the High Tech Industry

May 23, 2014

This year for Simulation Month we’re focused on providing answers to the common questions we hear over and over again when people are looking to[...]

Advanced Techniques

April 21, 2014

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation advanced techniques - exploring techniques for transient analysis, transferred boundary conditions, mesh optimization, and[...]

Professional, Premium, Advanced

April 14, 2014

SOLIDWORKS Plastics is an injection molding analysis tool that gives insight into the performance of the injection molding process and advance warning[...]

Simulation Tips By Request

April 04, 2014

Looking to get the inside scoop on the best practices for setting up your next simulation? Product Manager Glenn Whyte will take you through solutions[...]

Consulting Services Case Study

March 18, 2014

See how Hawk Ridge Systems’ Analysis Consulting group applied SOLIDWORKS Simulation to determine the sizing necessary for a hydraulic actuator[...]

Services Overview

March 18, 2014

Get an overview on the analysis consulting and mentoring services available from Hawk Ridge Systems. Jared Conway explains the different packages and[...]

Analysis Services - Planning for Your Simulation Project

February 20, 2014

Do you want to reduce errors and streamline your analysis process? In this webinar, learn how our Simulation Engineers develop a plan of attack BEFORE[...]

Best of What’s New in 2014

November 25, 2013

Analyze faster and more accurately than ever before with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2014. Tighter integration between SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and[...]

Motion 101

September 20, 2013

Interested in setting your ideas in motion? The Motion Simulation capability in SOLIDWORKS allows users to add complex, real-world movement to their[...]

Study Troubleshooting

May 04, 2012

This video demonstrates solutions to some of the common problems that users can run into with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Finite Element Stress analysis[...]

Electronics Cooling

May 10, 2011

This in-depth webinar looks at the tools available for evaluating thermal issues in electronics assemblies, starting with using CircuitWorks to import[...]


September 09, 2010

This video gives a first-pass overview of the types of fluid dynamics possible with the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation CAD-embedded CFD tool. Check out[...]