SOLIDWORKS Composer: Assembly Instructions in Half the Time

Cut assembly instruction development time in half with SOLIDWORKS Composer. Learn how to eliminate 5 time-consuming steps from your technical documentation process. Join Product Manager Scott Woods as he builds a complete set of assembly instructions for a Rescue Robot, and then turns those instructions into a PDF that can be printed or delivered electronically. Like all Composer output, the assembly instructions will be linked to the original CAD data so that they update as the design does. Stop wasting time with complicated processes and manual updates. Get better technical documentation in half the time with SOLIDWORKS Composer – join the webinar to find out how.
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SOLIDWORKS Composer: Publishing Assembly Manuals - 3 Minute KO Series

Stop wasting time on complicated processes for creating printable assembly instructions. With SOLIDWORKS Composer you can eliminate manual updates of photos, renderings, screenshots, and drawings. Thanks to an associative link with your existing CAD designs, your technical documents are always up to date. Deliverables can include printable assembly manuals or even interactive documents. Watch the video to find out more.
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SOLIDWORKS Composer: Publishing Technical Illustrations - 3 Minute KO Series

Are you tired of spending countless hours creating 2D drawings when all you really need is a detailed tech illustration? Check out this 3 minute video to see how SOLIDWORKS Composer opens any 3D CAD model and allows anyone to create raster and vector technical illustrations in a fraction of the time.
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