The 2013 release of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is full of usability enhancements to make your life inside the PDM system much easier. You will notice some difference from the moment you log into the system but I wanted to take a moment to share my 3 favorite enhancements with you.

1) Parallel Workflow Transitions – This is a feature we have wanted in Enterprise PDM for years and I am happy that it’s finally here because that means the workarounds of using voting loops and extra transitions are gone. This new functionality adds a transition type called “Parallel” in which you can define users and groups who have voting access and you can define how many votes a file needs to move forward. It’s significantly easier now to have parallel approvals than it was in the past.



2) Delayed in State Notifications – Delayed in State Notifications are a great way to gently remind users that they may have work to do. It’s easy to get an e-mail from the vault about files which require your action but it’s equally as easy to ignore that e-mail and forget about it in your inbox. The Delayed in State option will now allow you to re-email users about critical actions after a set time period has passed. You can also control how often the notifications are sent after the initial time period has passed. One note, time periods can only be controlled in days, not minutes and these notifications are added at the State level, not the Transition level.


3) Version Free Variables – Version free variables are another much requested feature which has found its way into Enterprise PDM this year. You can now mark any variable as Version Free and doing that will allow users to change the value WITHOUT checking out the file. This is fantastic for data card fields like “Comments” where you would like users to record information and feedback about a file without giving them edit access to the file.


If you would like more information on these or any of the other great enhancements in Enterprise PDM 2013 please reference the “What’s New Guides” or contact us at 877-266-4469 in the US, 866-587-6803 in Canada, or e-mail us at

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