Another year and yet another SOLIDWORKS World behind us. The event, held in Los Angeles this year, reminds me of the feelings we have around the holidays; we experience an abundance of excitement leading up to the event, the event comes and goes frighteningly fast and we are left with memories of an amazing time feeling anxious for what next year’s event will bring.

This year, the event kicked off with a fitting tribute to Los Angeles’ status of the entertainment capital of the world. We held our breath as Magician Justin Flom and Tim Clothier, CEO and founder of Illusion Projects, joined SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi on stage to debut a new illusion that was built in SOLIDWORKS: a 26-inch, track-mounted buzzsaw with a snug stock for Gian Paolo to insert his head! And Gian Palolo, was asked if he trusted SOLIDWORKS with his life. His replay of course, a resounding yes.

How’s this for a visual? Thankfully no one was hurt. And I saw it with my own eyes!

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Recap

The event continued to bring excitement to us all as we learned about where SOLIDWORKS is headed. Over the years, SOLIDWORKS has been focused on building a Smart Manufacturing ecosystem. Up until this point, components of this ecosystem include: Costing, Inspection and Model Based Definition. But there is a need to boost efficiency that is validated by surveys and research, which is why SOLIDWORKS has developed their newest product, SOLIDWORKS CAM, a 2.5-axis milling and turning solution that is powered by CAMWorks. SOLIDWORKS CAM will allow users to program in either part or assembly environments in addition to working with configurations of components.

SOLIDWORKS World Day 1 Highlights:

SOLIDWORKS World Day 2 Highlights:

SOLIDWORKS World Highlights:

As many of you know from years past, the final evening of SOLIDWORKS World is dedicated to the VAR Channel as we are all recognized at the SOLIDWORKS VAR Reception. This year, the Symmetry Solutions team was honored with the award for #1 in North America for Subscription Support. In addition, Account Managers Rick Passek and Ryan Howg achieved the 100 Seat Club Award.

What was your favorite part of SOLIDWORKS World 2017? Add your comments to this post.

We hope to see you next year when SOLIDWORKS World returns to Los Angeles February 4-7, 2018!

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Highlights

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