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Turns out I have an incomplete file that other people have had issues using with SOLIDWORKS. Rumor is it was created on Pro-E and saved as a single part file which is apparently creating problems. I am in contact with the people who own the file and we are trying to work out a happy medium. Thanks again for your insight and assistance!

Brian Bevis

Zoosk Labs Testimonial
Zoosk Labs Testimonial

I've worked with Hawk Ridge for a number of years, as well as SOLIDWORKS. It's been a great experience so far. We've ordered a number of seats and look forward to many more.

Brandon Loeb - Zoosk Labs

Wyatt Enterprises, LLC Testimonial
Wyatt Enterprises, LLC Testimonial

"Hawk Ridge Systems is a great reseller and they have great support. Thanks!"

Milton Venetos - Wyatt Enterprises, LLC

Testimonial: Chris Wagner Silicon Microstructures
Testimonial: Chris Wagner Silicon Microstructures

"I've had good luck with Hawk Ridge Systems technical support and trainings!"

Chris Wagner - Silicon Microstructures

Western Digital Testimonial
Western Digital Testimonial

"There's nothing I can't do with SOLIDWORKS and Hawk Ridge Systems!"

Western Digital

I have been working with Hawk Ridge Systems for over 15 years. I received my initial SOLIDWORKS training from them. When hired by Intralase, I changed the company from their existing VAR to Hawk Ridge. I have yet to find a VAR that can compete with them in service, knowledge of SOLIDWORKS or any other Dassault application. I have yet to be disappointed when dealing with them.

Doug Blackburn - CAD Administrator / Intralase

I had previously seen a demo of SOLIDWORKS from another reseller. A year later I contacted Hawk Ridge. They did an online demo and the difference was that they listened to me. They answered questions I had that were relevant to my business. They got me excited about the software and that’s why I bought it.

I have found that Hawk Ridge Systems is the best CAD software vendor I have ever been in contact with and they never disappoint.

Donald Merten - Hawk Ridge Systems SOLIDWORKS CAD Customer

Alex was awesome to work with. He did everything he could to get me up and running with toolbox. I never got the feeling he was trying to rush through things and get me off of the phone. He genuinely wanted to help me, and did - and it showed in how he handled this support ticket. Excellent job Alex.

John Blankinship - Ferguson Enterprises

Great service and issue resolved quickly...thank you!

Joby Noriel - Staff Engineer / Raytheon Applied Signal Technology

As always the problem was resolved quickly. Hawk Ridge Systems was extremely helpful.

Bill Palleva - VP of Product Design / Perfect Point EDM

HP 3D Printers

Hawk Ridge Systems added a lot of value to the product and price. They are the best vendor to go with.

Paul Paulos - Ostari


The response to my issue always accommodated right away!

Edwin Rodriguez

Hawk Ridge Systems has incredibly patient support people, and I really appreciated their time. Dealing with certain SolidWorks issues is not always simple. Hawk Ridge Systems Support continued to follow through on both sides while keeping me up to date with the request of the ticket.

Nadine W

Great support. My rep was very thorough in his explanations and quick to locate the errors in the script. He is both extremely knowledgeable and professional. His support was greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Matt H.

Thank you for staying on line with me to resolve this license issue. I was able to load the Premium network and then run my macro.  All good now.

Chris P.

Thanks for you help, tech support team responses have been timely and elaborate!

Alex Ivanov

Hawk Ridge Systems Support was very quick to respond and everything was resolved within a day. I am extremely satisfied with their customer service.

Karina V.

Thank you Hawk Ridge Systems Support staff, for helping me with this issue. I learned about additional items to look for and compensate. 

Michael B.

The service was VERY PROMPT and VERY EFFICIENT. Keep up the good work!

Michael L.

I never reply to these surveys, but your organizations consistently outstanding support deserve to be recognized. It is consistently the best of any other organization I work with by a wide margin. Thanks! Keep it up!

Howard Simon - Carbon Design Group

I am very happy with the support I received. This was my first time looking for support from Hawk Ridge and I was happy it went so well. Thank you for your help.

Frank B.

There was good hand off of my issue between a few people to unsure that I was getting the best support. Additionally, the remote session really helped me follow the problem and decide on the best solution. Thanks!

Jeff P.

The service was VERY PROMPT and VERY EFFICIENT. Keep up the good work!

Michael L.

I am a user of SOLIDWORKS for design of water treatment systems. I am entirely dependent on the software working. The SOLIDWORKS program had vanished from my computer due to my indept attempt to load the 2014 version. I was in the middle of a design project "up the creek without a paddle." Somehow Frank Lynn got me up and running again – and got rid of portions of my files that were interfering with system operation. He did all this within a day remotely! And he did so in a humble, professional manner that has earned him my deepest gratitude!

Hawk Ridge Systems Subscription Service Customer

Hawk Ridge Systems Support was very helpful. They took the time to research and experiment to give me some answers to the questions I had about creating a non standard mate.

Steve K.

It is nice to talk to an agent right away and not to hold on a machine voice and wait forever. Solution your tech recommended worked fine and I am happy. Thank you!

Hawk Ridge Systems Support Customer

My experience with Frank was quite a contrast with my experience earlier this week with Microsoft - I got stuck halfway between Win 7 and Win 8.1 (meaning in the abomination known as Win 8 trying to finish the update). Microsoft chat sessions and telephone calls took about 16 hours of my time (really!!) over four days and finally got the installation finished. With Frank it was one short call to fix a problem that was rare, but he found the solution quickly. Now that's how tech support should work.

Hawk Rick Systems Support has been responding to all my emails, and has been outstanding! Response time was great and they always solved my problem - Thanks for the great customer service!

Mark L.

The support team was able to quickly resolve the issue that I was having, and were helpful in explaining what had been changed in order to resolve it.

Luke M.

THANK YOU! SOLIDWORKS is by far the most amazing software out there! I would have been just fine with just using 2012 for the next year and probably would not have got the Service Plan for 2013 if not for Elisa's great help! She is wonderful! Her help and professionalism sold me without a doubt. Well done!

Juan Soria - Earlens Corporation

Hawk Ridge Systems Support went above and beyond when the scope my questions increased beyond the initial request. I learned a lot from them and really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Joe H.

As always, quick and responsive. Always get what I need from Hawk Ridge Systems support. Thanks!

Andrew L.

Hawk Ridge Support has always been extremely helpful to me. The response time and time to resolve is very impressive. Support techs are always professional and customer service oriented.

Jon C. - First Solar

Hawk Ridge Systems Support addressed my issue quickly and thoroughly, sending a detailed follow-up email with an attachment showing the correct solution. Top rate response! Thanks!

Bob M.

Hawk Ridge Systems support was a great help in this situation where one of our engineers needed access to Simulation Express right away. My support rep provided time and pleasant plus accurate support. Thank you!

Kathy B.

Out of all the VARs I've had to deal with, the support at Hawk Ridge Systems is second to none.

Brandon Loeb

Vance & Hines Testimonial
Vance & Hines Testimonial

I've been with Hawk Ridge since '98. Hawk Ridge is great as far as they have a lot of night classes, the help desk - they are always online to help you out.

Paul Gesicki - Vance & Hines

Before I had a chance to call Support or reply, I received an email from Support telling me how to fix it. It worked perfectly. Thanks so much for the quick reply! If every software/hardware company had the same support my world would be sooo much better!

Jennifer B. - NovaTorque

Exactly what I needed to get the upgrade done efficiently. Thanks!

Dan T.

Everyone involved was very helpful and knowledgeable. Very happy with the service.

Jeff R.

I just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate the Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support. These guys are truly amazing. I have a surprise after surprise wherever I call them. (And I call frequently for now, though..) This is unmatched customer support, unseen in industry; it is definitely extraordinary in any way.

Miro M. - Miro Design Consulting

Hawk Ridge Systems Support was very, very helpful and I enjoyed the session. I was having the same problem the next day, but I went to the links from our session, and I found the answer quickly there. Project is shipped now so thank you for the support. 

Daniel B.

Some of the best customer service I've ever received. 

Peter L.

Monte Thwing Testimonial
Monte Thwing Testimonial

"When I run into problems, I call up my Hawk Ridge Technical Support – they always give me the right answer and I can move on my way."

Monte Thwing - Independent Consultant

Your assistance was the best of any service call I have made, to any company. I was surprised he was able to quickly change settings and he gave me all the assistance I needed. This is my first year with SOLIDWORKS and I have been satisfied with all its features. With this experience, I would like to continue the service contract next year.

Great support, As always. Hawk Ridge Systems Support staff are always courteous, professional and extremely knowledgeable, and they always go "the extra mile." Thanks for the continued support.

Matt H.

Hawk Ridge Systems support was great and my rep directed me to what I needed. She was professional and patient! Superb customer service!

Hawk Ridge Systems Support Customer

Hawk Ridge Systems is exemplary in dealing with any SOLIDWORKS and Enterprise PDM issues! And I have yet to call and get a recorded lie: 'your call is important to us.' As every time I have called I have talked with someone helpful immediately. Thanks for the past and thanks in advance for my assistance.

Very happy with the help provided by Hawk Ridge Systems Support staff. They were patient and diligent and got to the root cause of my problems. They sorted out the issues I was having and what caused it. Thanks!

Tim H.

Hawk Ridge Systems Support was quite patient and responsive to my requests. I did encounter one product bug and the support rep advised a way around this problem.

Daniel Z.

I appreciate the updates I received when SolidWorks was working with the files to resolve the problem. Very friendly and professional. Thanks again!

Josh Z.

Hawk Ridge Systems Support was able to resolve my issue promptly, so I'm satisfied.

John D.

Hawk Ridge System Support is a boss! The media request my support rep put in arrived so fast I didn't get a chance to eat lunch!

Kevin C.

Hawk Right Systems Support staff was very prompt, responded quickly, called at the arranged time, and had it sorted out within 20 minutes. Overall, an excellent experience. Thanks!

Sam M.

My old computer OS crashed and Hawk Ridge Systems Support was one of the final steps to recovering my files and it worked great!

Martin V.

This was the right support at the right time on an production issue. Impressive help. Thank you.

Tom T.

Hawk Ridge Systems Support staff provided exceptional tech support for my issue in PC-DMIS. My rep was pleasant, well spoken, and easy to work with while we resolved the tech issue. 

Cynthia W.

Hawk Ridge Systems Support staff were a great help. They even went as far as working with me remotely. Thanks very much!!

Mark L.

This chat was insightful and I learned a few tricks!

Paul L.

I received the technical information via email -- same day -- as promised by Hawk Ridge Systems Support. Thank you!

Daniel D.

Excellent and thank you for providing additional reference support document materials.

Hawk Ridge Systems Support Customer

Fantastic! Within minutes I had the answer I needed to solve the problem.

Michael R.

Hawk Ridge Systems Support did extremely well, exceeding my expectations in terms of quickness and friendliness

Josh K.

The support I received from Hawk Ridge Systems was superb!!!

Dennis L.

Thanks so much for being available by chat for a quick how to instruction.

Scott T.

Appreciate the quick reply from Hawk Ridge Systems Support, and the troubleshooting tips suggested. Thanks!

Burdett M.


I am very happy with the Simulation results. Once you showed me how to deal with the issues I encountered, the program was surprisingly fast. Now that I'm a little more comfortable with Simulation, I actually prefer it over our former solution. I really owe you a debt of gratitude; I couldn't have gotten this far without your help.


We've been using Hawk Ridge Systems for over ten years and they have been an amazing success. Any problems we have are handled immediately through their wonderful staff.

Sean Lamb - Senior Mechanical Engineer / Universal Audio

I would like to take this opportunity express my gratitude to Hawk Ridge Systems for an outstanding level of service I have received over the past several months. Without your great knowledge and support I would not be able to solve many problems that I face as an administrator implementing a SOLIDWORKS Enterprise Product Management System. The response time and availability of experts in the field is just incredible, something I have never experienced before dealing with any other product support lines.

I am always assured the information acquired from Hawk Ridge support team will alleviate any confusion I have. The support team is always willing to serve, no matter how simple my question is regarding SOLIDWORKS Composer. My sincere respects to the entire SOLIDWORKS Composer team who initiated all the work supporting such great software.

Erin G. Quisenberry - Technical Illustrator / Heath Tecna Aircraft Interior Solutions


Greenpoint Products & Services Testimonial
Greenpoint Products & Services Testimonial

I have been using CAMWorks for a quite few years now, 3 axis only, we bought a new 5 axis machine and I was struggling quite a bit... Daniel Lyon from Hawk Ridge Systems came in and sat down with me, and in 6 hours we had products pumping out the door. If it wasn't for him we'd still be struggling.

Craig Cutforth - Greenpoint Products & Services

3D Printers

Haven’t spoke to you in a long time, I guess that’s kind of good for both of us? I hope all is well with you.
I am not emailing you because the printer is broken, it’s almost that time of year again for the service contract and we have been extremely pleased with your service and unlike last year I want to get an early jump on it.

Mike Morado - R&D Mechanical Designer / MCS R&D Pump Platforms

Hawkridge has provided excellent all around customer service, parts within 1 week and rush jobs within 3 days. They have been prompt in email responses as well as friendly and helpful during visits to their office. Overall they have been exceptional to work with.

Radian Thermal Products, Inc.

I personally want to say Thank You to you, Ian, Joe, Caleb and the rest of your team for being extremely helpful and accommodating to our needs. I am very impressed with your guys’ excellent service and I greatly appreciate all the effort you all have put in to help to make things happen.

Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation.

Archie Chiang - BC Cancer Agency

It’s almost that time of year again for the service contract and we have been extremely pleased with your service!

Mike Morado - R&D Mechanical Designer / MCS R&D Pump Platforms

I am pleased and appreciative of the support Hawk Ridge is providing Netgear. Hawk Ridge Staff displays high level of professionalism and dedication in finding ways in resolving equipment issues!

Ed Kalubrian - Netgear

Training & Events

My experience with Hawk Ridge Systems has been very enjoyable because they treat you as if they are interested in your products succeeding; as-if you are the only customer that they have.

It’s always wonderful to come to Night School events because I come with a couple of questions of things that I’ve always struggled with – and they almost always have answers, so I wind up coming home with a couple of tidbits to try the next day

Dwight Morejohn - Prinical Engineer / Atricure Company

Working with Hawk Ridge Systems and SOLIDWORKS has helped us to streamline our development process. The training and support system they have in place has been a valuable benefit to Leatherman Tool Group.

CJ Goodrich - Product Development Engineer / Leatherman Tool Group

I'm a customer and a former employee of Hawk Ridge Systems. I like the fact that Hawk Ridge lets us know what's coming down the pike years from now.

Lars Peterson - GoogleX

Testimonial: Brian Flores AtriCure
Testimonial: Brian Flores AtriCure

"I use Hawk Ridge Systems Support on a weekly basis. They are more in-depth and helpful - taking a deeper look at the problem and saving me hours of headaches!"

Brian Flores - AtriCure

Ricky Vidal Hague Precision Testimonial
Ricky Vidal Hague Precision Testimonial

"Hawk Ridge Systems helps me learn more in the professional world. The YouTube videos are great!"

Ricky Vidal - Hague Precision

I’m a senior R&D engineer at Atricure and I design medical devices. We’ve been working with Hawk Ridge Systems for almost 5-7 years now. A couple of things that stand out to me about Hawk Ridge is their team atmosphere; they are very eager to help us solve our problems. It’s as if it’s your co-worker helping you solve the problem. I’ve used their support line and I feel like I’m talking to someone I’ve worked with in the past, so it was a great experience.

I have also taken an Advanced Modeling class in Mountain View with Luke Davis as the instructor. I really enjoyed it; very informative I got a couple of great resources from him, so I would highly recommend that to people who are very interested in improving their SOLIDWORKS skills. It gives them a very nice umbrella of what SOLIDWORKS offers and how you can use those tools. I have since improved my SOLIDWORKS skills a lot.

I just wanted to say thanks to Hawk Ridge Systems for always supporting us and being there for us, we appreciate it very much.

Ara Stephanian - Senior R&D Engineer / Atricure Company