3D Solutions Spotlight: 3D Scanning to CAD - Simple Steps to Follow for Reverse Engineering

Friday, November 10, 2017 | 11:00am to 11:45am

This webinar is perfect for anyone who has ever wondered how 3D scanners help facilitate reverse engineering or are interested in seeing the workflow for 3D scanning to CAD. Join 3D Scanner Product Manager, Ian Sayers of Hawk Ridge Systems and Sean Parker of Geomagic, in their presentation on scanning an object and modeling it in CAD. You'll learn:

  • Modeling Methods
  • Software Options
  • Scanner Model Options

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Ian Sayers, 3D Scanner Product Manager, Hawk Ridge Systems
Ian Sayers
3D Scanner Product Manager
Hawk Ridge Systems
Ian Sayers is our 3D Scanning Product Manager, working with Artec 3D. He has been with Hawk Ridge Systems for over a year and joins us with an Applications Engineering background. Ian is adept at Rapid Prototyping solutions, Product Development and Product Design.
3D Solutions Spotlight