ProJet 5500X

Multi-material composite printing in one part, at one time.

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The ProJet 5500X delivers fast composite material print speeds using breakthrough materials with properties that can be easily varied within a single part. This new VisiJet® composite family of materials is precisely mixed by the ProJet 5500X print head on-the-fly to achieve superior mechanical properties and custom performance characteristics and comes with a 5-year print head warranty.

With so many options, the ProJet 5500X is perfect for a variety of applications, including overmolded parts, multi-material assemblies, rubber-like components, long-lasting living hinges and high-temperature testing.

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Model: ProJet 5500X
Manufacturer: 3D Systems
Support Material: VisiJet® S500 Support Material
Electrical: 115-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single-phase, 1200 W
Network Compatibility: Network ready with 10/100 Ethernet interface
Client Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
Input Data File Formats Supported: STL, CTL
Operating Temperature Range: 18 - 28 °C (64-82 °F)
Noise: < 65 dBa estimated (at medium fan setting)
Certifications: CE

Net Build Volume (xyz)

HD Mode (High Definition): 21 x 15 x 11.8 inches (533 x 381 x 300 mm)
UHD Mode (Ultra High Definition): 21 x 15 x 11.8 inches (533 x 381 x 300 mm)

Resolution (xyz)

HD Mode: 375 x 375 x 790 DPI; 32μ (0.0012 inch) layers
UHD Mode: 750 x 750 x 890 DPI; 29μ (0.0011 inch) layers

Build Materials

VisiJet® CR-CL: Rigid Plastic Material - Clear
VisiJet® CR-WT: Rigid Plastic Material - White
VisiJet® CF-BK: Rubber-like Material - Black

Dimensions (W x D x H)

3D Printer Crated: 80 x 48 x 78 inches (2032 x 1219 x 1981 mm)
3D Printer Uncrated: 67 x 35.4 x 65 inches (1700 x 900 x 1650 mm)


3D Printer Crated: 2550 lbs. (1157 kg)
3D Printer Uncrated: 2060 lbs. (934 kg)


  • Print in multiple materials in a single build
  • Produces strong, finely detailed, precise parts
  • Easy post processing
  • Larger net build volume for bigger parts or more parts per build
  • Build speeds up to two times faster than other printers in class
PDF icon ProJet MJP 5500X Datasheet1.18 MB