CAMWorks is a SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product for Manufacturing / CAM Software that provides state-of-the-art machining capabilities seamlessly integrated into SOLIDWORKS design software.

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Machining with CAMWorks CAM Software

CAMWorks was the first fully integrated CAM software solution designed exclusively to operate in SOLIDWORKS. CAMWorks CNC software is capable of the full CAD to CAM workflow, and can be used for both the design and manufacture of products.

  • Use a single file for CAD and CAM systems for your enterprise
  • Eliminate time-consuming file transfers using standard file formats such as IGES and SAT

CNC Machining

  • Use the CAMWorks machining tree and commands at the click of a button along with SOLIDWORKS and generate toolpaths without leaving the SOLIDWORKS environment
  • Use the same SOLIDWORKS geometry to generate toolpaths to ensure the part machined is the same as the part that is modeled

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Featured Solutions

Fully Integrated

Embedded in the SOLIDWORKS and Solid Edge interfaces. Eliminate time-consuming CAM rework due to design updates.


With CAMWorks, any changes made to the design are automatically updated in the machining operations and toolpaths.


Eliminate hours of complex programming by interpreting the design of parts through Automatic Feature Recognition.

Tolerance Based Machining

CAMWorks is an intuitive, feature-based CAM software that helps to increase productivity using best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools to maximize CNC machining efficiency.
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CAMWorks VoluMill Datasheet

  CAMWorks VoluMill Datasheet

 CAMWorks® VoluMill™ is an ultra-high performance toolpath generator for rough milling operationsthat outperforms every other toolpath technology available. Using VoluMill, the cycle times for rough milling operations are dramati ally reduced by creating more efficient toolpaths and tool life can be extended by as much as 10 times

CAMWorks Virtual Machine Datasheet

  CAMWorks Virtual Machine Datasheet

 CAMWorks Virtual Machine uses the latest technology to perform true G-code machine simulation directly from the G-code used for the CNC machine. Unlike other CAM systems that use cutter location (CL) data for machine simulation, CAMWorks Virtual Machine uses the actual G-code to insure precision and accuracy.

Case Studies

CAMWorks Tomak Precision Case Study

  CAMWorks Tomak Precision Case Study

The people at Tomak Precision (, Lebanon, Ohio, know what the right technology in the right hands can do. Tomak is a job shop that prides itself on its advanced manufacturing technology and highly skilled individuals. It sees this mix as giving it the edge it needs to serve demanding customers in the aerospace, medical, machine tool and other industries, handling everything from prototype work to short lots to full production runs.

CAMWorks CP-Carillo Case Study

  CAMWorks CP-Carillo Case Study

CP-Carrillo develops, produces, services and markets high performance forged pistons and high performance connecting rods in the  global niche markets of motor-racing, vintage cars, motorcycle, marine and aerospace  industries. They use SOLIDWORKS for design and CAMWorks for manufacturing, maximizing in-house design and 5 axis machining capability.

CAMWorks Victoria University Case Study

  CAMWorks Victoria University Case Study

While CAM technology has predominantly been used by the engineering community as a cost effective tool for greater efficiency in production, there is now a trend towards utilizing CAM in other creative ways. In a bold and unusual step, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, made one such creative use, when it decided to adopt CAMWorks as part of its curriculum for third year Industrial Design students. 

CAMWorks Hi-Tech Industries Case Study

  CAMWorks Hi-Tech Industries Case Study

Magnus Hi-Tech Industries Inc., ( Melbourne, Florida, is good at what it does: providing high quality solutions to the full range of its customers' fabrication needs. Using advanced sheet metal fabrication and machining technology, coupled with rigorous quality methodologies, has enabled Magnus Hi-Tech to win a host of customers in the defense, aerospace, medical and other demanding fields.

CAMWorks Henry & Sons Case Study

  CAMWorks Henry & Sons Case Study

Henry & Sons Inc. was founded in 1980 by Mr. David Henry. David Henry had experience working in the food processing industry and saw the opportunity to establish his own company providing service to his customers’ existing machinery. The company expanded more over time and now builds their own machines.  

CAMWorks Las Vegas Rock Case Study

  CAMWorks Las Vegas Rock Case Study

Las Vegas Rock holds 6 Pinnacle awards for their precise execution of elaborate designs in stone. They extract unique metaquartzite from just outside Goodsprings, NV to utilize for a multitude of applications. They create 3D ART, Slab material, Planking, and many more natural stone products. Las Vegas Rock just finished a project at The Park on The Strip in Las Vegas, NV. 

CAMWorks Capabilities

Program faster. Machine smarter.

More efficient than ever before - CAMWorks helps you reduce programming time, setup time, and machining time.

Reduce Your Programming Time

Define multi-surface features from the face colors

In CAMWorks, multi-surface features can be inserted by selecting faces of a specific color. This is very helpful if you assign unique colors to various surfaces to be machined, and/or use color-coding as a means of communication between the design and manufacturing teams. This can also greatly reduce programming time and automate the routine task of selecting the faces required to define multi-surface features.

Color-based definition of features is one way for CAMWorks users to speed up the CNC programming time for parts that need customization.

Assign a solid model as stock in part mode

This feature allows you to use a SOLIDWORKS part file for stock in part mode. Additionally, a SOLIDWORKS configuration of the same part or a different part can now be selected as a stock item. The benefits include a reductions in programming time. A good example of this is when SOLIDWORKS configurations house Work in Process (WIP) models that can be directly selected as the stock for a machining operation.

CAMWorks tools flyout

New Operation Dialog Box has the provision to assign tool to operation 

  • With this new features, you will get more control on the tool selection when adding Mill, Turn, or Hole operations interactively. This gives you a fast way to address the tool assignment without having to exit the operations dialog box.

New light rebuild for Turn parts

  • In the Turn module, you can peform a light rebuild to update the CAM data when the design changes, but the changes don't affect the automatically recognized turn features.

Improved User Experience

Use the tool crib priority option for Turn and Mill-Turn modules

  • When applying automatic tool selection rules, this enhancement places higher priority with the tools in the tool crib. To eliminate any chance of an oversight, CAMWorks refers to the Operation tree nodes where the appropriate tools were not found in the tool crib and had to be pulled in from the TechDB tool library.

New Posting Tab in setup dialog box

  • This improvement allows you to assign program numbers for setups and define all common post parameters at the setup instead of having to define these for each operation.

Define material-specific cutting parameters to tools

  • This new feature lets you define material-based cutting parameters for each tool within the TechDB. For users who do not use the feed and speed library, this is incredibly useful: CAMWorks will automatically select the appropriate cutting parameters based on the stock material being machined.

New TechDB features

  • In CAMWorks, the TechDB can store the rotary and tilt axis parameters for your milling machine. Similarly for Mill-Turn machines, the Fixed or Free options can now be saved in the database eliminating repetitive steps.

Edit 2.5 Axis mill feature profiles

  • This new enhancement allows the interactively defined 2.5 axis features to be fully editable. The user can easily re-pick the profiles for the feature or the islands.

Apply lead in/out parameters for turn thread operations

  • This new improvement will help in special thread configurations like ACME threads by allowing the users to exercise control on the lead in and lead out. Lead in/out options will help avoid formation of ring at the start and the end of the threads, where there are no relief grooves.

Reduce Your Machining Time

Faster roughing for complex geometries with CAMWorks VoluMill™

Now, users with CAMWorks VoluMill license will be able to address more complex geometry. In particular, 2-stepped islands are now able to be machined automatically using VoluMill.

CAMWorks VoluMill has the potential to reduce roughing time by as much as 80% while improving tool life - even with materials that are difficult to machine. 

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CAMWorks VoluMill

Reduce Your Setup Time

CAMWorks Virtual Machine

Cut shop floor setup time with Virtual Machine™

As you know, in the job shop environment, profits and loss are determined in a big way by the setup time. Now, with CAMWorks, we can help you reduce your overall setup time. With controllers from over 2 dozen OEMs, CAMWorks Virtual Machine module provides True G-code verification.

 Learn more about Virtual Machine