CustomTools Basic

CustomTools offers a suite of time saving tools fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS that will help you to enhance your creativity and productivity.
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CustomTools Basic
customtools custom property management

Custom Property Management


  • Limited functionalities in the Tab Builder and EPDM data card
  • Lack of data consistency
  • Offers the very basics
  • Custom properties are an important part of your data management
SOLUTION in CustomTools:
  • Search documents based on property value
  • Numerous tool available to customize your property pane
  • Search and link data with an external data source (e.g. ERP)
  • Copy cut list item properties as drawing properties


  • Easily customize your SOLIDWORKS drawing template
  • Add numerous functionalities to SOLIDWORKS and EPDM
  • Define your properties with consistency
  • Avoid unnecessary typing through automation
customtools printing conversion

Printing & Conversion


  • Done manually
  • Extremely time consuming
  • Files can easily be forgotten
  • Very limited functionalities

SOLUTION in CustomTools:

  • Associate a sheet format with a printer, paper size and orientation
  • Supports multiple printers
  • Batch print assembly drawings in 5 clicks


  • Drawings are always printed with right settings
  • Save considerable amount of time
  • All drawings related to the assembly are printed
  • Fully automate the printing of your SOLIDWORKS files
customtools automatic file naming

Automatic File Naming


  • File names must be manually typed
  • Document codes are shared manually
  • Unsafe and time consuming
  • Lack of file naming consistency between designers and files

SOLUTION in CustomTools:

  • Use a custom property value to name your documents
  • Combine multiple custom properties together
  • Document codes are automatically shared between users
  • Numerous tools available
  • Key-Value pair (codes)
  • Unlimited number of sequences
  • Sequences can freely be defined
  • Retrieve property value from the parent
  • Associate a project name/number to the file name
  • Generate a drawing per configuration
  • Save a property in UPPER CASE
  • Define preceding / trailing characters
  • Project or custom property specific sequence numbering
  • File name reflects changes in property value
  • Copy and rename existing drawings automatically
  • Supports virtual and internal components
  • Supports all SOLIDWORKS file operations such as Form New Assembly


  • Automate the way that you are naming your files
  • Supports top-down and bottom-up design
  • Generate advanced file name easily
  • Eliminate file naming errors and duplicate file names
customtools quickly insert notes

Quickly Insert Notes

  • Create your own note group of custom properties
  • Insert customized notes in your merged DXF / DWG files
  • No need to type over and over the same notes

Open Folder

  • Locate files in Windows Explorer
  • Open the folder of the selected SOLIDWORKS file
  • Access the file in one click
  • Useful for instance to change a Read-Only mode
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