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DraftSight, a Dassault Systems product, is a professional grade 2D CAD software that allows you to create, edit, and save 2D drawings in a native DWG or DXF format. This is based on the new ARES platform and has the same interface as the current AutoCAD user environment.

A New Approach

Unlike traditional CAD, DraftSight offers a transparent, community-driven development process. This is a free download that is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Replacing Your 2D Software

Hawk Ridge Systems endorses DraftSight as a viable replacement for AutoCAD. The interface is simple to pick up, even for people that haven’t previously used a 2D drafting program. It is also robust enough to create complex 2D geometry that advanced users may need to create. It uses the familiar AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts that experienced users are accustomed to, yet these are fully customizable. This is a free download; this allows you to move away from subscription based 2D packages that may be keeping your company behind by tying up your CAD budget which could be used for investing in SOLIDWORKS.

Moving with Confidence

Users do not have to start from scratch if they have pre-existing support files such as template files (.dwt) or menu files (.cui, .mnu, .mns.). DraftSight can use these and other support files.

DraftSight has the interoperability needed in today’s design environment. It can create binary or ASCII files, has the ability to attach image files and external reference drawings, supports multi page PDF creation and has the ability to publish to eDrawings or Drawings now. DraftSight can export to several different raster formats, including PDF, PNG, TIF, SAT and STL.

Featured Solutions


The DraftSight™ Premium Pack is for companies that need five or more DraftSight licenses and want to get the most out of DraftSight. For a minimal fee, this Pack includes:
  • Telephone and email support
  • Network licensing
  • Access to the DraftSight API’s
  • All of the online training materials offered through the DraftSight SwYm Community


The DraftSight Premium for Education Classroom Pack (45 licenses) and Campus Pack (200 licenses) includes for a minimal fee:
  • Telephone and email support
  • Network licensing
  • Access to the DraftSight API’s
  • All of the online training materials offered through the DraftSight SwYm Community


The Prosumer Service offer was created to help individual users install, activate, configure and use DraftSight. This paid-for service includes email and telephone support and is a renewable service available for 3 or 12 months.
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DraftSight Capabilities

Create, Edit & View DWG Files

Based on an advanced architecture, DraftSight usually takes less than a few minutes to download, and runs on multiple operating systems including Microsoft® Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7.

DraftSight Community

A collaborative, design-focused online CAD environment where users can learn, interact and support each other. The community offers an abundance of learning resources including online training videos, tutorials, curriculums and more!

Service Options

DraftSight offers services for companies, educational institutions and individual users. Users have access to an open, online SwYm community, where they’ll find support and training resources, along with an environment to interact, ask questions and share their opinions.