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HawkWare is a full suite of productivity applications from Hawk Ridge Systems to enhance the functionality and usability of SOLIDWORKS design tools.

These apps are designed, developed, and maintained by Hawk Ridge Systems to give you the most productivity from SOLIDWORKS design solutions, while giving you the highest level of quality control possible.

TeamWorks Pro

The HawkWare team is proud to announce that their powerful, easy to use, and easy to configure Collaboration application, PDM TEAMWorks Professional, is now commercially available.

We built the entire application on top of its own fully tested API. This gives you the power to extend or customize it to fulfill your collaboration dreams. Not a programmer? Not to worry.

Right out of the box it provides vibrant dashboards, easy to create tasks & projects, a simple way to log your time, and a flexible discussion tool to keep the ideas and dialog between your team members related to the vault documents they are talking about. Now you can quickly see who is working on what, how much time they spent, how much time they need, and where all your manpower is going.

Short-term evaluation licenses are now available if you’re looking for a test drive.

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About HawkWare Video

Watch the Webinar: What is HawkWare?

Learn how HawkWare tools save you time every day that you design, and how many of the top enhancement requests for SOLIDWORKS are addressed by HawkWare applications - including the #2 enhancement request this year at SOLIDWORKS World 2014, rename component inside assembly.

Many of the HawkWare applications are completely free to download, and can make you more productive right away. We'll show you how to download and install, and how you can use them to start saving time today.