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HawkWare is a full suite of productivity applications from Hawk Ridge Systems to enhance the functionality and usability of SOLIDWORKS design tools.

These apps are designed, developed, and maintained by Hawk Ridge Systems to give you the most productivity from SOLIDWORKS design solutions, while giving you the highest level of quality control possible.

HawkWare Professional contains software such as EPDM Custom Notification, Folder Permissions, Rollback to Last Revision, Serial Renamer, Sync Card Variable, Auto Document Number, Transition Blocker and TEAMWorks Pro.

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HawkWare Standard includes software such as HawkWare Tools, TreeView, HawkWare Ad References, HawkWare Copy as Path and HawkWare BOM Exporter.

HawkWare Tools

A collection of productivity enhancing add-ins for SOLIDWORKS users that speed up your daily tasks and add functionality that SOLIDWORKS lacks otherwise. With over 10 enhancement requests addressed for the latest release, HawkWare Tools is the most robust, free SOLIDWORKS utility available today.


Treeview is a desktop utility providing easy visualization of complex SOLIDWORKS file references. You can easily zoom, pan, expand and collapse any branch of the tree. Manage Custom Properties for any reference in your tree. Take snapshots of the entire tree or any portion of it and quickly open any of the references shown in Treeview directly into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.
HawkWare Add References
This tool provides the Enterprise PDM user with a file browsing interface to create file references, saving lots of time and mouse clicks when creating your own references.
HawkWare Copy as Path
Are you using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10? Do you miss the option to copy the entire path of a document from the vault view using the SHIFT key Check out this video. Maybe this is familiar to you.
HawkWare BOM Exporter
An Enterprise PDM Add-in that collects SOLIDWORKS generated bills of materials (BOM’s) from multiple drawings in the vault and exports them to a text or Excel file. The drawings can be selected based on a folder or individually.


About HawkWare Video

Watch the Webinar: What is HawkWare?

Learn how HawkWare tools save you time every day that you design, and how many of the top enhancement requests for SOLIDWORKS are addressed by HawkWare applications - including the #2 enhancement request this year at SOLIDWORKS World 2014, rename component inside assembly.

Many of the HawkWare applications are completely free to download, and can make you more productive right away. We'll show you how to download and install, and how you can use them to start saving time today.

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HawkWare Datasheet first page thumbnail

  HawkWare Datasheet

Read the datasheet to learn about the capabilities of HawkWare and the differences between the Standard and Professional packages, as well as what tools it offers for 3D CAD and for SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM.

HawkWare Custom Notifications Datasheet first page thumbnail

  HawkWare Custom Notification Datasheet

HawkWare Custom Notifications expands the already robust Enterprise PDM notification system by allowing you to choose the users or groups to be notified on a file-by-file basis, promoting more general use of the workflows you already designed.

HawkWare Sync Card Variable Datasheet first page thumbnail

  HawkWare Sync Card Variable Datasheet

HawkWare Sync Card Variable provides a powerful and flexible way to synchronize Enterprise PDM data card variables between SOLIDWORKS Drawings and the models they detail. You have complete control of which variables are synchronized, and when.