SIMULIA Abaqus Analysis

Reach beyond SOLIDWORKS Simulation to solve more complex problems with SIMULIA Abaqus

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SIMULIA Abaqus Analysis

Abaqus CAE

Realistic simulation with FEA multiphysics

Abaqus CAE is a full modeling and visualization environment for Abaqus products and offers advanced meshing and visualization of Abaqus models and results.


Abaqus Standard

Proven FEA Technology

Abaqus STD

Abaqus Standard provides solutions to implicit finite element analysis, such as static, thermal and dynamics, with robust general contact and nonlinear material modeling options.


Abaqus Explicit

Leading Explicit Solver

Abaqus Explicit

Abaqus Explicit is focused on transient dynamics and quasi-static analysis in drop and impact testing, crushing and manufacturing processes.

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Extended Solution


Process Automation & Design Optimization

Abaqus STD

Isight is a Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) Solution that allows integration of disparate simulation tools without programming or automating simulation process flows. Users can optimize designs with advanced techniques such as Design Of Experiments and automate six-sigma analysis.


Non-Parametric Design Optimization

Abaqus Explicit

Fast and powerful structural optimization solution based on FEA. Tosca structure can be used early in the design process to determine part shapes for optimized stiffness within a design envelope or to refine existing designs minimizing peak stresses or coupled with fe-safe and multi-axial fatigue methods.


Predict & Analyze Product Life

Abaqus CFD

fe-safe is a strain-based code for assessing fatigue life with seamless integration with leading FEA solvers. fe-safe is based on multi-axial fatigue with metals and rubber capabilities and exclusive implementation of the Verity® Structural Stress Method for welded joints.


This realistic simulation software tool allows users to perform complex analysis with advanced physics, and SIMULIA Abaqus has a 40 year history of commercial usage in some of the biggest (and smallest) engineering organizations in the world. We’re excited to bring these advanced analysis tools to our customers.

These new applications from SIMULIA Abaqus are a natural complement to the modules currently available in the SOLIDWORKS Simulation suite of tools. SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides powerful and easy to use stress and flow analysis tools, integrated with the SOLIDWORKS interface.

With the additional simulation tools from SIMULIA Abaqus, users can explore more complex and advanced types of analysis with a specialized simulation interface.

Sample capabilities of the SIMULIA Abaqus package include:

  • Highly nonlinear distortions and advanced material models
  • Complex contact interactions and preloading analysis
  • Crash and dynamic analysis
  • Complex composite material failure mechanics
  • Crack propagation and fracture analysis
  • Multiphysics fluid-structure interaction