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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2017

SOLIDWORKS 2017 helps you speed through your designs with powerful new functionality, significant performance boosts, and an enhanced user experience.

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Powerful, easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions enable your company to speed up product development, reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality and reliability across a wide range of industries and applications. Intuitive product development tools give you the capabilities to create, validate, communicate, and manage your product designs and rapidly bring your products to market.

Featured Solutions

Accelerate Your Designs

Use 3D Modeling to accelerate your design, increase productivity, and reduce cost with 3D solid modeling with lifelike visualization and virtual testing before manufacturing.

Easy & Cost-Effective

Fast and low-cost. Create a wide range of sheet metal part designs using a wide range of flexible tools to meet your specific needs.

Goodbye Spreadsheet Delirium

Easily generate cut lists and bills of materials to streamline design and manufacturing of welded structures, frames, and bases.

Prompt Plastics

Quickly develop plastic parts designs that meet your requirements for aesthetics, product performance, and manufacturability.

Effortless Wire Design

Easily add wire/cable/harness/conduit systems for your design, including path planning and complete BOMs.

Quick CAD Conversion

Easily convert CAD data into a format that meets your design requirements.


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Capabilities

Part & Assembly Modeling

Flexible 3D modeling tools cover the full range of design tasks such as:
  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • Conceptual Design
  • Geometry Modification
  • Assembly Planning
  • Large Assembly Design
  • Advanced Surface Design
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Weldments
  • Plastic Part Design
  • Mold Design

2D Drawings

Create production-ready 2D drawings using the following features:
  • Automatic Drawing View
  • Drafting Standards
  • Dimensioning & Tolerancing
  • Annotations & Symbols
  • BOMs
  • Exploded Views
  • Balloon Notes
  • Hole, Weld & Pipe Bend Tables
  • Cut Lists
  • Sheet Metal Bend Notes

Animation & Visualization

Create powerful images and animations using the following features:
  • Drag Components
  • Move with Motors
  • CAD Videos
  • Basic Rendering
  • 3D Walk/Fly Through

Design Reuse & Automation

Find and leverage existing engineering data using the following features:
  • DriveWorksXpress
  • Part/Assembly Config
  • Reuse CAD Data
  • CAD Models from Suppliers

Basic Analysis Tools

Create your design with fully integrated simulation and analysis tools such as:
  • Impact Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Flow Analysis

Productivity Tools

  • Power Selection
  • Symmetry Check
  • Copy Feature Info
  • Feature Paint
  • Find/Replace Drawing

Design for Manufacturing

Check your designs against cost targets with tools such as:
  • Thickness Analysis
  • Geometry Check (CAM)
  • Compare Parts/Drawings
  • Manufacturability Check (DFMXpress)
  • Draft/Undercut Analysis
  • Sheet Metal Checks
  • Flat Pattern

Collaborate & Share

Share your designs, manage design files, and work closely with your team and other stakeholders with tools such as:
  • 3D Interconnect
  • Read PCB as 3D Parts (IFC)
  • Import/Export CAD Formats
  • Print to 3D
  • MCAD to AEC
  • CAM Integration
  • View eDrawings Files
  • Model-Based Definition (MBD)
  • 2D DXF/DWG Data
  • Edit/View DWG Files
  • Conversion Tools
  • Convert to Sheet Metal
  • Defeature
  • Large Design Review