SOLIDWORKS 2018 Top Ten New Features

SOLIDWORKS 2018 is here! Learn about design to manufacturing - streamlining the process from design to the shop floor.

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SOLIDWORKS 2018 Trakka Model - Exploded

Explore the new power and performance in SOLIDWORKS 2018 and quickly turn your ideas into finished products.

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solidworks 2018 trakka model - cutaway
SOLIDWORKS Sketch Mode image

Freehand Sketching & Mouse Gestures

  • Sketch with a pen or touch on compatible devices, for more natural consumer product design.
  • User interface elements optimized for touch
  • Enhancements to mouse gestures
More natural interaction for CAD users with or without touch-enabled devices

Integrated CNC Machining in Every License of SOLIDWORKS

  • SOLIDWORKS CAM enables common machining tasks in every license of SOLIDWORKS.
  • Build tool paths right onto your SOLIDWORKS model, and have them update when designs change
  • Use Knowledge-Based Machining and model Tolerances and MBD info to get the right machining strategy every time
The entire design to manufacture process can now be handled in a single workflow.
Tab and Slot SOLIDWORKS 2018

Tab & Slot Features for Sheet Metal

  • Create tabs and slots on sheet metal to fixture for welding, or help with assembly processes
  • New options for 3-corner
  • Also available for weldment frames
Automatic features to enable easier welding and assembly processes.
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Mesh Model Handling

Mesh Model Handling

  • Use mesh data like it's surface or solid geometry
  • Convert solid or surface geometry to mesh and vice-versa
  • Combine, intersect, split, move/copy, cut with surface, interference checking and more
Use mesh data from scanners and other software packages without painful processing workflows.
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Design to Manufacturing

Design to Manufacturing - Streamlining the Process from Design to the Shop Floor

  • Callouts for complex holes and new broken-out section options in SOLIDWORKS drawings
  • Richer, more detailed, and more intelligent 3D PDF output from SOLIDWORKS MBD
  • Improved OCR character recognition and support for more CAD file types in SOLIDWORKS Inspection
With everyone working from the same model data, design changes flow to your manufacturing operations seamlessly.
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Distributed Data Management

Distributed Data Management

  • Branching and Merging capability to allow parallel design change paths
  • Support for non-SOLIDWORKS CAD references in 3DInterconnect
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage (November) introduces Project Management, Dashboards, and advanced BOM control to the SOLIDWORKS PDM experience
Get the right data to the right person in your organization at the right time.
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Topology

Topology Optimization and Generative Shape Design

  • Use powerful optimization tools to develop the perfect shape for the load the part needs to resist
  • Control the amount of material removed for different levels of strength
  • Create designs that fully leverage the power of modern 3D printing techniques
Get the most efficient design from powerful design algorithms.
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Flow Simulation

Flow Simulation Analysis of a Free Surface

  • Flow Simulation can now analyze the unbounded interface between a liquid and gas, like the open surface of a liquid tank
  • Overcomes a long-standing limitation for analyzing the free surface of a liquid
  • Uses a Volume-Of-Fluid (VOF) approach
Unlock the ability to predict the fluid performance of brand new scenarios at no added cost.

Refined ECAD Tools for Connected Devices

  • New approaches for routing wires along a path and dragging/dropping elements into the route
  • New library and symbol import options in SOLIDWORKS PCB
  • Global project settings for enforcing standards in SOLIDWORKS Electrical
Bringing Electrical design elements into the SOLIDWORKS ecosystem, with one coherent design model for all disciplines.
SOLIDWORKS 2018 Product Visualization

Next-level Product Visualization and Communication

  • Static and animated panoramas for VR viewers in Visualize
  • Seamless importing of SOLIDWORKS decals and labels in Visualize
  • New libraries for Animation elements in SOLIDWORKS Composer
Share your product vision realistically before you build or prototype it.

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2018

  What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2018

SOLIDWORKS 2018 is here! Check out Hawk Ridge Systems' own Top Ten features to help you design faster and manufacture easier.