Users can now seamlessly integrate design and manufacturing with easy-to-use, world class CAM technology.

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SOLIDWORKS CAM uses rules based machining to enhance the programming process in the same way while leveraging tolerances that were assigned to the component. Rules based machining allows users to focus on the critical areas of making a part rather than touching every feature that needs to be machined.

With SOLIDWORKS CAM, you will be able to enhance your manufacturing process by capturing company standards, speed up quoting and test manufacturability of a design earlier in the process. By using rules based machining, your company can automatically apply standard strategies to determine how long it will take to make a part and if it could easily be machined. This automation will allow you make decisions faster and with more confidence. But best of all, SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is available in ALL levels of SOLIDWORKS software!

solidworks cam partsolidworks cam part

Harness the power of Knowledge-Based Machining

solidworks 2018 solidworks cam knowledge based machining datasheetKnowledge-Based Machining (or KBM) is a relatively new term, but one that is rapidly gaining significance in manufacturing circles. While a single, concise definition has yet to be decided on, it generally refers to a CAM software’s ability to make essential knowledge a part of its automation.

The system’s knowledge is then translated directly into “smart” features which help streamline and strengthen the design process, potentially eliminating or severely reducing the need to manage and document changes.

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