SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

Make conceptual design your business advantage.

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SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design

Simplify conceptual design of products and machinery with powerful SOLIDWORKS 3D design tools. SOLIDWORKS conceptual design capabilities enable you work with all types of conceptual design data, including sketches, images, Adobe® Illustrator® files, 3D scan data, and existing 3D and 2D CAD data. That makes your design process faster, saves time and development costs, and increases productivity.

SOLIDWORKS conceptual design capabilities enable you to quickly create diverse product designs from simple products to large designs with complex mechanisms, such as packaging machinery. Conceptual design tools include:

Featured Solutions

Data Exchange

Convert CAD data into a format that meets your needs, including IFC file import/export to interact with AEC design software. Maintain designs using SOLIDWORKS 2D CAD tools. Automatically convert any CAD data into modifiable SOLIDWORKS models. Use CircuitWorks™ to provide two-way data exchange between mechanical and electrical designers. Convert scanned data into SOLIDWORKS CAD geometry to facilitate reverse engineering.

Collaboration Tools

Walk through, measure, section, and create snapshot views with comments on massive assemblies. View and mark up SOLIDWORKS files using an email-friendly file format. Use Defeature to hide and protect selected aspects of your design before sharing models. Design and market products faster and more effectively by turning imagination into reality through impactful content and experiences.

Product Data Management (PDM)

Manage your design data with automatic revision control, data security, and access control. Search components for use in new designs, and find and leverage existing designs for re-use.
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SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design Capabilities

Assembly Layout Sketches

Quickly layout a basic sketch to define locations for components or equipment, and then make later sketch changes to relocate items you’ve designed that are mated to the sketch.

Mechanism Layout Sketches

Define mechanisms using only sketch segments that can be dragged to demonstrate desired mechanism motion.


Reuse existing SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD data, and import 3D and 2D CAD data from other systems.


Import image files or scanned paper sketches.


Convert and sketch with imported images.

Powerful Surfacing Tools

Generate organic, stylized shapes for products, enclosures, or packaging.


Leverage imported 3D scan data and significantly reduces the time to build complex 3D models from non-digital data.