SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions provide industry recognized design solutions for seamless integration of electrical and mechanical designs.

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018

New enhancements in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical software include the ability to quickly update and apply global project styles and new options for handling wire marks, and multi-level terminals.

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Circuit Schematics

Designers and engineers can quickly define the electrical interconnect of complex electrical systems with our easy-to-use electrical system design solutions in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Utilizing intelligent single line or traditional multiline schematics, and a library of thousands of electrical schematic symbols and parts, you develop embedded electrical system designs in a real-time, collaborative multi-user environment that connects mechanical and electrical engineering.

auto routing

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Datasheet

  SOLIDWORKS Electrical Datasheet

SOLIDWORKS® Electrical Solutions simplify electrical product design with specific tools designed for the engineering discipline and intuitive interfaces for faster design of embedded electrical systems. The new SOLIDWORKS PCB design tool adds the scientific power and natural design intuition of Altium with the 3D expertise of SOLIDWORKS. Native integration for all disciplines — electrical, mechanical, and electronics — provides better collaboration and productivity resulting in more consistent and standardized designs, lower costs, and fewer product delays for faster time to market.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Design Boost Productivity & Improve Quality Whitepaper

  SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Design Boost Productivity & Improve Quality

The productivity gains related to using 3D CAD technology for mechanical design are now obtainable for electrical design through integration of electrical and mechanical development on a single 3D platform. Instead of relying on slow, non-integrated 2D tools to develop electrical schematics, control panel designs, and electrical system layouts, or manual techniques for routing wires, cables, and harnesses, manufacturers can take advantage of SOLIDWORKS® Electrical 3D technology to fully integrate the electrical and mechanical aspects of machine and product design, resulting in time and cost savings, as well as quality improvements.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Recharge Electronics and High-Tech Product Development Whitepaper

  SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Recharge Electronics and High-Tech Product Development

The increasingly rapid pace of technology development—with an abundance of electronic products and new technologies hitting the global market at an unprecedented rate—creates many challenges for manufacturers. To succeed in this competitive environment, developing innovative products more quickly, more cost-effectively, and at higher levels of quality has become more important than ever. With integrated SolidWorks® software solutions, you can refine, consolidate, and improve your development processes—and deliver new technology applications and innovative electronic products faster than the competition.