SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Unlike other computational fluid dynamics programs, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation combines a high level of functionality and accuracy with ease-of-use.

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018

Learn how to analyze the free surface of a liquid, component explorer enhancements, sector periodicity, improvements to color charts, plot types and MORE in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2018.

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Overview

This video gives a first-pass overview of the types of fluid dynamics possible with the SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation CAD-embedded CFD tool. Check out the evaluation of flow through a ball valve, and a first look at evaluating electronics cooling using the easiest to use CFD tool on the market.

Flow Sim Armexhaust

What is SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation?

Fully embedded inside of SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is perfect for the engineer who needs flow analysis, but is not necessarily an expert in the field of fluid simulation. A goal-oriented approach allows you to easily gain insight into the performance of your design under real world conditions.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can be used in a diverse array of applications and has been designed to be extremely flexible. Whether you are developing an automobile, the wing of an airplane, or an exhaust valve, using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation in the product development cycle can help you build a better product in less time.

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Complete Integration with SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is fully embedded within the SOLIDWORKS Windows®-native environment. There is no need to modify your SOLIDWORKS designs for fluid flow and heat transfer analysis.

Wizard Mode for Analysis Setup

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation uses a wizard interface to setup the analysis thereby making it easy and intuitive to solve the problem. The toolbars and dialog boxes are very similar to SOLIDWORKS interface thereby making the experience of using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation very similar to SOLIDWORKS.

Engineering Goal-Based Analysis

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a goal based CFD analysis program. You simply tell the program what you are interested in like Max temperature in part A, Max velocity in my flow, Flow rate at opening 1, Pressure drop across my model etc… and it will calculate these goals and present to the user after the completion of the analysis. This functionality helps you to get better engineering insight into your designs.

Configuration-Based Analysis

Each SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation analysis is tied to a SOLIDWORKS configuration thereby making it easy to analyze design variants and do “What-If” scenarios.

Expanded CFD Analysis Capability

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can solve a wide range of problems including conjugate heat transfer, subsonic, supersonic and compressible flows, mixing of gases, flow around rotating geometry, porous media, cavitation prediction, humidity and climate control and fluid structure interaction.

Fully Automatic and Innovative Meshing Technology

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can automatically capture the geometry and resolve it to accurately compute the boundary layer. This technology handles very thin geometry well and results in a significant reduction in the number of computational cells. Simulations which take several hours for traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs can be solved in a fraction of the time.

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SOLIDWORKS Flow SImulation Datasheet thumbnail

  SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Datasheet

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation gives product engineers access to powerful CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis capabilities that help enable them to speed up product innovation. Leveraging the familiar SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment, this extensive technology isn’t just about making sure your product works, it’s about understanding how your product will behave in the real world.


How Flow Simulation Accelerates Mechanical Design thumbnail

  How Embedded Flow Simulation Accelerates Mechanical Design

Computational Fluid Dynamics has been around for decades - but in the last ten years its usage has exploded, due to novel techniques and integration into 3D CAD systems like SOLIDWORKS. This paper discusses how embedded CFD can help make fundamental improvements to the way you design your products.

Technical Reports

Numerical Basis of CAD-Embedded CFD thumbnail

  Numerical Basis of CAD-Embedded CFD

This paper, from a NAFEMS conferences, discusses the numerical analysis strategies utilized in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. It provides detailed information on the formulation of the mesh, boundary treatment, turbulence model, and solving methodology used.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Capabilities

Easy-to-use CAD-embedded analysis capabilities power SOLIDWORKS Simulation software tools and solutions to enable all designers and engineers to simulate and analyze design performance. You can quickly and easily employ advanced simulation techniques to optimize performance while you design, to cut down on costly prototypes, eliminate rework and delays, and save you time and development costs.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Enable quick, efficient simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer. Easily calculate fluid forces and understand the impact of a liquid or gas on product performance.

Reporting & Customization

Evaluate and compare design alternatives with the visualization and reporting capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Fluid Flow Analysis

Determine the impact of a liquid or gas on product performance during the design phase using CAD-embedded SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.

Electronics Thermal Analysis

Quickly perform component thermal analysis on designs incorporating printed circuit boards (PCBs) with easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and the Electronic Cooling Module.

Thermal Fluid Analysis

Easily investigate the impact of cooling and design changes on component temperatures using thermal fluid analysis in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.