SOLIDWORKS MBD Improve Quality, Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency Whitepaper

SOLIDWORKS MBD: Improve Quality, Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency  

Just as the move from 2D design tools to 3D CAD solutions revolutionized product development, the emergence of 3D model-based definition (MBD) integrated manufacturing technology offers substantial productivity advantages over the use of traditional 2D engineering drawings to drive manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS MBD Drawingless Vs. Paperless Whitepaper

SOLIDWORKS MBD: Drawingless Vs. Paperless  

With the launch of SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) 2015, I’ve heard lots of enthusiastic feedback from multiple job functions across the entire production cycle. For example, a manufacturing engineer pointed out: “I see MBD as a Poka-yoke (mistake proofing) opportunity in the elimination of 2D files by using the native model. I currently have an issue where I need to update over 200 drawings for tooling. Implementation of MBD would have saved considerable time and expense.”  

Case Studies

SOLIDWORKS MBD Recon Services Case Study

SOLIDWORKS MBD: Recon Services Case Study  

This is a discussion on SOLIDWORKS MBD software's abilities with regards to being compliant to the United States Department of Defense Standard MIL-STD-31000 Appendix B (MODEL BASED DEFINITION (MBD) – MODEL ORGANIZATIONAL SCHEMA).

SOLIDWORKS MBD Automatic Handling International Case Study

SOLIDWORKS MBD: Automatic Handling International Case Study  

Automatic Handling International, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of custom handling and packaging systems, serving leading companies in the pulp and paper, tissue and towel, nonwovens, fiberglass, agriculture, stone, and steel industries. With a mission of continuous internal and external improvement, Automatic Handling helps its customers improve efficiency while reducing costs by integrating the latest technology with proven machine designs. 

SOLIDWORKS MBD Wuzhong Instrument Case Study

SOLIDWORKS MBD: Wuzhong Instrument Case Study  

Wuzhong Instrument Co., Ltd. (WZI) is a leading global manufacturer of industrial control valve products. The company’s control valves, which became the preferred solution in the Chinese industrial market throughout the 1980s and 1990s, are now exported to markets around the world, including the United States, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Iran, Pakistan, Israel, Burma, and India.