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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 Datasheet

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 Datasheet  

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a complete suite of structural, functional, and flow analysis applications for every designer in the product development process. The software is easy to use, yet powerful enough to tackle the most complex design issues. It helps you to predict the performance of your design under real-world operating conditions and to detect problems and correct them before prototyping, tooling, and production.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 Product Matrix

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 Product Matrix  

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017 matrix outlines the features available in the SOLIDWORK Simulation suite.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Buyer's Guide

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Buyer's Guide  

Selection of analysis software can often be a daunting task. For any given situation there are multiple software products, technologies, and underlying strategies that can be considered to increase product performance and design efficiency. Each software product comes with its own set of limitations, assumptions, and methodologies that may or may not be appropriate for a problem.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Bringing Innovative Medical Products to Market Faster

SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Bringing Innovative Medical Products to Market Faster  

To succeed in today’s medical device manufacturing industry, product designers must not only create innovative medical products but also navigate an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. SOLIDWORKS® Premium software can help you meet this challenge. Powerful part definition and industrial design tools foster product innovation while integrated software prototyping and comprehensive design management capabilities support regulatory compliance. With SOLIDWORKS software, you can quickly develop and analyze medical devices and components—and bring them to market faster.

Grow Your Business with Integrated SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Grow Your Business with Integrated SOLIDWORKS Simulation  

Design and engineering consulting firms can take advantage of emerging opportunities for business and revenue growth by implementing integrated simulation technologies. In response to a challenging economic climate, more and more manufacturers seek engineering service providers to help them evaluate design performance, as well as consult on other facets of product development and manufacturing. With integrated SOLIDWORKS® Simulation software, you can position your consultancy to reap the rewards of this trend, securing valuable customer partnerships and improving your operations at the same time.

Case Studies

ioSafe Case Study page 1 thumbnail

Case Study - ioSafe  

ioSafe leveraged SOLIDWORKS design, simulation, and fluid-flow analysis tools to solve the technical and business challenges associated with developing a disaster-proof data storage device.

Case Study - Bausch & Lomb page 1 thumbnail

Case Study - Bausch & Lomb  

By standardizing on the SolidWorks 3D design platform, Bausch & Lomb engineers have positioned themselves to achieve innovative breakthroughs in lens performance and wearer comfort.

Case Study - Amtrak page 1 thumbnail

Case Study - Amtrak  

AMTRAK uses SOLIDWORKS design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation analysis, and SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software to maintain, refurbish, and modernize its fleet of passenger railcars.

Case Study - MSD Ignition page 1 thumbnail

Case Study - MSD Ignition  

SOLIDWORKS software supports MSD Ignition’s increased use of injection-molded plastic parts, including some parts in the NASCAR distributor shown here, by providing greater mold development power.

Case Study - Victory Team page 1 thumbnail

Case Study - Victory Team  

SOLIDWORKS software provides Victory Team with the collaboration tools it needs to maintain its competitive edge.

Case Study - TiSport, LLC page 1 thumbnail

Case Study - TiSport, LLC  

SOLIDWORKS software enables TiSport to automate the design and manufacture of its custom-made, high-end, titanium wheelchairs, shortening delivery times while controlling costs.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Caprari Case Study

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Caprari Case Study  

The Caprari Group is a leading international manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, electric pumps, and submersible motors for civil and industrial water and wastewater pumping applications. Founded in 1945 by Amadio Caprari, the company has continually expanded and diversified its business, responding to the world’s changing water-pumping needs through the development of innovative products and services. Caprari provides efficient solutions for supporting deep-well pumping; waste and drainage water lifting; residential, industrial, and agricultural water supply and distribution; and wastewater treatment.