SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Buyer’s Guide Free Download

Find the right SOLIDWORKS 3D design tool to get better results in less time.

Today, with the prevalence of CAD, CAM, FEA, and other computerized engineering tools, it can be a challenge deciding which 3D design tool is right for you. At Hawk Ridge Systems and SOLIDWORKS, we believe that 3D design tools should be simple and accessible, while delivering exceptional results. 

With the 3D CAD Buyer's Guide, you will get a straightforward summary of the capabilities in all three of the SOLIDWORKS packages, including Premium, Professional, and Standard. We will walk you through the steps you need to make an informed decision about which 3D tool is right for you. And, it is not just CAD, but includes a section on design validation and analysis. When it comes to 3D, your team at Hawk Ridge Systems is here for you.

Get your free download of the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Buyer’s Guide today.

Hawk Ridge Systems SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Buyer's Guide