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XBOM fills the gap between SOLIDWORKS PDM and full Product Life Cycle (PLM) Enterprise solutions for BOM Management.

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XBOM is designed to leverage the already-powerful Bill of Materials capabilities found within SOLIDWORKS PDM. XBOM empowers you to build a comprehensive Bill of Materials from multiple BOM sources, without incurring the time and expense of implementing a full-blown PLM system. XBOM builds on the flexibility and ease-of-use you already enjoy from SOLIDWORKS PDM, adding new capabilities to combine and reconcile multiple BOM sources into a single, more complete Bill of Materials process. With XBOM it is easy to view, edit, sort & filter your data to print or export only the relevant information, while maintaining full revision and workflow control.

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Easy Automation

Automate routines so that you can focus on design. Invest in savings to deliver your projects faster. Improve reuse of product design data

Save Time & Money

Adopts your ways of working not the opposite. Extend existing capabilities with customized add-ins. Start small, grow big by taking new functionalities into use

Quick Communication

Connect and share data to non-CAD users. Standardize your design as everyone uses the same practices. Improve data quality by making it more reliable and usable
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XBOM fills the gap between SOLIDWORKS PDM and full Product Life Cycle (PLM) Enterprise solutions for BOM Management. With XBOM you are able to combine multiple BOM sources, map BOM columns, insert custom rows and fields, build BOMs from existing items, and leverage full version comparison.

XBOM Capabilities

Adding BOM Data

XBOM provides a powerful, yet simple means to combine BOM data from the various Engineering departments. We know each Engineering discpline uses Best-in-class tools like SOLIDWORKS to get their jobs done.

Data Linking

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional does an excellent job managing the complex relationships between assemblies, their components, and their drawings created by your 3D CAD designs . Let XBOM build on those relationships through intelligent links between your various Engineering BOM sources.

BOM Updating

Ironically, change is a primary constant in Engineering. Your BOMs need to reflect the changed data from multiple Engineering disciplines. Updating those BOMs should be painless. See how easy XBOM makes it.

BOM Editing

Bills of Materials often require a range of edits before publishing by Engineering. See how XBOM makes these edits easy, by providing poweful ways to generate new BOMs, insert non-modelled parts, and overwrite missing, incomplete, or incorrect information.

BOM Viewing

XBOM uses familiar and easy-to-use features to give you the viewing control you need. With support for multiple views you can tailor the BOM to your specific business groups & users, ensuring the right teams, get the correct data for their jobs.

Exporting BOM Data

We recognize that while building and editing BOMs is a critically important topic, getting that finished data to the right people in the right format is equally important. See how XBOM can make easy work of getting your XBOM out to any format you require.


XBOM has 2 ways to greatly extend it's value beyond the features already present. Scripting uses event triggers in the application to give you the opportunity to tailor XBOM's behavior to your business. The API provides an interface between XBOM and other applications allowing for automation and exchange of XBOM files and data.