Analysis Consulting Services

Whether you’re a new SOLIDWORKS Simulation user who needs help getting started or you have an analysis task that needs to be completed, our analysis consulting team is ready to help.

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analysis consulting

Let Our Dedicated Analysis Team Work for You

In our complex world of engineering design, you may be faced with challenges that you have the knowledge to solve, but may be lacking the tools, time, or people to address them. Many customers have asked Hawk Ridge Systems help them get through these challenges with their analysis so they can focus on making the right design decisions. Whether you are interested in outsourcing your analysis through analysis consulting, want to acquire a template analysis through mentoring, or receive a benchmark analysis in consideration of an analysis package Hawk Ridge Systems Analysis Services can help.

Hawk Ridge System’s analysis consulting team has experience across a variety of industries and FEA/CFD tools. Our approach incorporates your application expertise in the area of design validation with our analysis software application knowledge, to identify key parameters and outputs needed to solve your analysis problems.

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Analysis consulting servicesanalysis consulting

Our team of experts can help you solve complex structural, thermal, fluid flow, electronics cooling, vibration and shock, multibody dynamic motion, nonlinear, sustainability assessment, and mold flow analysis problems using a broad set of tools through analysis consulting and mentoring.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with SIMULIA Abaqus and SOLIDWORKS Simulation
    • Robust contact and materials capabilities in SIMULIA Abaqus allow us to tackle your most complex structural mechanics applications.
    • SOLIDWORKS Simulation’s tight integration with your CAD model allow rapid assessment of design changes.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
    • Powerful electronics cooling module to obtain temperatures and flow characteristics within your electronics enclosure.
    • Determine head loss parameters and heat transfer characteristics through piping and heat exchangers.
    • Obtain pressure and flow rate results for rotating pumps and turbines.
  • Plastic and Mold Flow Analysis for SOLIDWORKS Plastics
    • Determine flow, warpage, and cooling rate characteristics during the injection molding process.
  • Rigid Body Kinematics with SOLIDWORKS Motion
    • Analyze rigid body motion of your assemblies to obtain forces, accelerations, velocities, and positions.

Analysis Consulting and Custom Mentoring

Whether you are looking for a formal report that contains the results you need or a template and technology transfer that gives you the knowledge to perform the analysis yourself, our analysis experts can assist you with your analysis needs using any of our SIMULIA or SOLIDWORKS Simulation Products.

An Interactive review and evaluation of your application.   
Model generation or simplification.   
Analysis strategy development and execution of your analysis.   
Delivery of model setup and result files   
A report that includes an overview of the analysis setup and any result plots, tracked parameters, or data tables.   
3-hour mentoring session   

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Analysis MentoringXpress


With a one-on- one meeting with our analysis experts, you will quickly learn what you need to know to optimize Simulations for your applications.

Our simulation experts will provide assistance with your first steps using any of our SOLIDWORKS Simulation products. MentoringXpress includes, but is not limited to:

  • An Interactive review of your Simulation application over a three-hour live online Session.
  • Session objectives are driven by your application and goals for the analysis. Topics can cover analysis setup, resource review, analysis planning, and result generation to ensure you get quick and accurate results to make design decisions.
  • MentoringXpress deliverables include the file sets used for the mentoring session.

Hawk Ridge Systems recommends completing the appropriate Simulation training course work and pre-requisites for the analysis type in question prior to signing up for a Mentoring Session, as some level of product familiarity is expected. Similarly, Hawk Ridge Systems recommends Custom Mentoring for Simulation customers looking for a more detailed or structured mentoring program. Custom Mentoring is targeted for users of Simulation, Flow Simulation, Plastics or SIMULIA Abaqus.

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Our Approach

unique approach

Our analysis consultants will work with you to define the problem, parameters, and setup for different conditions and designs in order to conduct a realistic and accurate analysis and provide the engineering results that you need to make design decisions.

Once you approve the scope of the project and provide us with your 3D models, we will set up the analysis and provide the results to you. Our pricing is flexible in order to meet your unique needs. Some of our customers prefer a project based on time and materials, others would rather engage on a fixed bid basis. We provide flexibility in order to meet your analysis requirements, and your budget.

We work seamlessly with your engineering and design team, either on a specific project, or as an extension of your existing team to add capabilities and resources. Many of our customers have used Hawk Ridge Systems to get a second opinion, or to ask for guidance on a new application. Whatever your design and analysis needs may be, we have the experts ready to help optimize your design process so you can focus on the critical design decisions.

Sample Projects

Analysis consulting engagements range from simple analyses to complex interpretation of material test data and virtual destructive testing. Hawk Ridge Systems has performed hundreds of projects with a range of technologies.

Analysis Consulting Services example 1

The SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation HVAC module was used to analyze heat transfer in a Halogen Floodlight by convection and radiation, including the radiation absorption in semi-transparent solids and the radiation spectrum. Temperatures on the bulb and front glass were tracked with analysis goals to determine if the system was operating under permissible temperatures. Post-processing tools were used to generate cut plots and surface plots to display visual representations of the temperature values.

The SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Electronics Cooling module can be used to analyze the cooling effectiveness of your products. Device performance can be tested in various environmental conditions and layout configurations to reduce the prototype investment by identifying thermal issues early in development. Post processing graphical representations of the analysis results allow engineers to easily present their findings for internal discussions or for marketing collateral.

Analysis Consulting Services example 2
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What our customers are saying

what our customers say

Our customers say it best with their feedback. We survey every customer after a consulting engagement and their response has been overwhelming positive. They have graded us from good to excellent on cost, quality, total turnaround time and the ability to make design decisions.  Here are just a few of the comments:

"A great resource for us when simulation jobs are complex, or we are busy." - An engineering services firm in the automotive industry
"Very professional, knowledgeable and timely." - New SOLIDWORKS Simulation user
"A pleasure to work with, a very competent engineer who was able to contribute to the problem statement and return a solution." - Technical director, engineering services firm