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Let us help you automate your engineering workflow to save time on repetitive tasks.
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Customized Development

Customized Application Programming Interfaces for Increased Productivity

If you use the SOLIDWORKS product suite to create and manage your Engineering IP you already know how their power and flexibility help you be more competitive in the market. SOLIDWORKS had the foresight realize that when it comes to design, validation, process management, and manufacturing not every company has the exact same requirements. To ensure broad relevance they make their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) open for anyone to use. These powerful toolsets pave the way to automating the repetitive or error-prone tasks that can bog down our teams.

Not every customer has the in-house expertise or time resources to develop and maintain custom applications or add-ins. At Hawk Ridge Systems we leverage the dedicated HAWKWARE development team provide this valuable service.

customized APIs

HAWKWARE Commercial Applications

Here are some examples of commercially available HAWKWARE solutions that illustrate some of the possibilities around automating or extending the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. All of these products derived from a custom solution our team developed for our customers. You can follow the links to get more information from the HAWKWARE website, or contact us to discuss your unique project requirements. We are happy to create custom variations of any of these applications, or create brand new ones from the ground up to suit your business needs.

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