PDM Services

With over a decade of experience implementing product data management tools, Hawk Ridge Systems has a vast array of options to help you optimize your product data management processes.
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PDM Services

Implementation Services for PDM

We realize that each company is different, so we offer many different ways to configure a PDM tool just the way you need it. From pre-packaged, “Best Practice” vaults all the way to fully configured “from scratch” vaults you can be assured that we will deliver exactly as promised on our comprehensive Statements of Work. The best part is, you can be up and running in as little as 1 day!

PDM Services

Migration Services for PDM

If you are upgrading from SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM up to SOLIDWORKS PDM we can make sure that all of your data is transferred from one system to the other seamlessly - and accurately, with the same integrity in the new PDM system.

Custom Programming for SOLIDWORKS PDM

As with all SOLIDWORKS products, Hawk Ridge Systems has the engineering staff that can create custom programs for automation or unique needs that aren’t met in the out-of-the-box configuration of SOLIDWORKS. These offerings can range from simple property replacement tools to advanced functionality such as complex AutoPartNumbering applications. With a team of expert programmers on staff we are very responsive to your unique requirements and requests. The Hawk Ridge Systems team is known for our expertise, flexibility, and the ability to exceed your expectations.

Hawk Ridge Systems has been implementing data management solutions for our customers for over 13 years. We have completed over 150+ implementations of SOLIDWORKS PDM from single users all the way to 100-plus user, multi-site implementations with Engineering Change Control, and everything in between. We have a dedicated group of SOLIDWORKS PDM engineers that focus solely on supporting and implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM so you can rest assured we have the resources to make your SOLIDWORKS PDM deployment very successful.

AutoPilot Vaults for SOLIDWORKS PDM

Throughout the many product data management implementations we have done, Hawk Ridge has noticed many commonalities among companies implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM. From these commonalities, we have developed our AutoPilot line of pre-configured vaults. Designed to provide you with a complete and functional vault in as little as 1 day, our AutoPilot offerings now account for 8 out 10 of the implementations we do. Customer feedback has been extremely positive since it gives them a great starting point, yet allows the flexibility for their own, unique data management customizations.

PDM Vault Tune-Up Service

This service is focused on two areas: optimizing performance and performing preventive maintenance. Our goal is to take our vast knowledge of SOLIDWORKS PDM implementation and apply it to your scenario. We’ll make sure you are adhering to best practices with back-ups, SQL configuration, workflow implementation and client installations. This service also helps diagnose any systemic issues or potential issues that might pop up down the road, saving you time and money. We outline a plan for what we will do while we’re onsite to make sure your time and ours is well spent as well as creating a performance report and recommendations list after our visit. We’ll then work with you to implement some of the changes we recommended through remote sessions. This will help ensure that the recommendations are adhered to and implemented.

Custom Flight Plans for SOLIDWORKS PDM

For SOLIDWORKS PDM implementations where a pre-configured vault does not provide the desired functionality, Hawk Ridge Systems offers a full range of custom Flight Plans to accommodate your specific needs. For each Flight Plan, you will work directly with a Hawk Ridge Systems implementer to define, test and roll out a vault configured specifically for the needs of your company. Best of all, the Hawk Ridge Systems Flight Plans are fixed bid projects so unless the implementation deviates from the original scope, you don’t have to worry about scope creep or incremental costs.

Data Migration to SOLIDWORKS PDM

If you are currently using SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM, then you can sleep easy with the knowledge that we can move your old Workgroup data into the new SOLIDWORKS PDM system. With over 40+ migrations under our belt, you can feel confident that you data will be transferred with the upmost integrity.

  • AutoPilot Professional – Building on the already complete AutoPilot Standard vault, the AutoPilot Professional vault expands your SOLIDWORKS PDM experience to control more than just CAD files. Our most popular offering includes two workflows (CAD documents and other company documents) and will allow you to get more than just the engineering department under vault control.
  • AutoPilot Engineer to Order – For those companies in the Engineering Services field who design products for clients but don't carry their own product line, this vault is idealy suited for your line of business. Designed to be Customer/Project specific instead of Product Specific, the AutoPilot Engineer to Order vault give you the flexibility to control each project differently based on the customer specifications (part numbering, revision scheme, etc.). 
  • AutoPilot Change Management – The ultimate in pre-configured vaults, the AutoPilot Engineering Change includes all the capabilities of the AutoPilot Professional plus a CMII based change management process for those companies looking to implement a standard engineering change process.
  • CAD Version Control Flight Plan – This custom vault will be configured to your specifications to create basic vaulting control for your documents. This vault will focus on version control and management of your files in order to create a single source for data storage.
  • CAD Revision Control Flight Plan – With the CAD revision control flight plan, the vault delivered will provide full revision control for any documents you intend to store with SOLIDWORKS PDM. Because this is a custom created vault, any revision scheme you wish to use will be built into the system. The finished vault will be similar in functionality to the AutoPilot Professional, however it will be custom configured per your requirements.
  • CAD Change Control Flight Plan – Our top tier custom flight plan will provide you with revision control on all your documents as well as an engineering change process configured to meet your unique requirements. The finished vault will be similar in functionality to the AutoPilot Engineering Change, however it will be custom configured per your requirements.
  • Change Management Upgrade Flight Plan – If you initially started SOLIDWORKS PDM without any sort of change management process, Hawk Ridge Systems can help you add a change management process. This process can performed on any vault, even if Hawk Ridge Systems didn’t set it up for you initially.