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3D Printers from 3D Systems

3D printing technologies is driving a revolution across many industries and a wide variety of applications, including markets that even a few years ago would not have been considered appropriate for 3D printing.

Hawk Ridge Systems partners with 3D Systems, the inventor of the original 3D printing technology, SLA®, and offers distinct 3D printing technologies that address a wide range of industries and applications. In addition, Hawk Ridge Systems' engineering and design software solutions and 3D scanning technologies, combined with 3D printing, offer customers a comprehensive, integrated solution to create 3D data from physical objects, conduct rapid design and engineering on 3D data, and output immediately to 3D printed parts.

These technologies enable designers, architects, engineers, inventors, researchers, doctors, jewelers, teachers, students and more to easily exploit digital to physical technologies to significantly improve design and production times, increase accuracy, and reduce costs across the board.

With our 3D printing technologies, customers are performing same-day tool production, creation and shipping of end-use parts in less than 20 hours, at 3D printing speeds that can almost match those of injection molding speeds.

Featured Solutions

Quick Content Creation

Hawk Ridge Systems’ targeted range of scanning, design, engineering and production software solutions enable everyone, like at-home users, students, professional engineers, scientists and researchers, to quickly and accurately create 3D data and directly output to 3D printing and manufacturing.

Eliminate Days or Weeks from Product Design

Hawk Ridge Systems’ printers enable design teams and businesses to eliminate days and weeks from their product design process, which translates to savings in resources and the ability to accelerate profits by getting product to market faster.

Test Form & Function from Your Desktop

Our wide variety of robust, thermally stable material options generate models that are tough enough to be used as working parts, permitting you to test for form, fit and function right from your desktop or office. With an extremely smooth surface finish, our printers have the highest level of precision and accuracy.

Casting, Patterns & Molds Made Simple

Applications from jewelry, to medical instruments and devices, to mechanical parts or forming operations can be achieved with our 3D printers, giving you and your business ready access to disposable or short term tools for low-volume production.

Precision & Confidence

Attain custom parts with fine feature details and exceptionally smooth surfaces with the click of a button and begin directing your new product design, packaging or tooling needs with precision and confidence. Our machines and services enable streamlined end use production for more efficient and affordable design-to-manufacture solutions.

High Quality Injection Molding

Injection molding is still the preferred process for manufacturing plastic parts in larger volumes, which is why it is used to create things such as housings, containers, bottle caps, combs and other mass market applications. Other advantages include high tolerance precision, repeatability and a large material selection.
Project 3D Printed Part3DVIA Composer New FetauresSensor Enclosure
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