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Hawk Ridge Systems Support

Hawk Ridge Systems now offers LIVE CHAT in the Help Center!

Hawk Ridge Systems provides industry-leading support services, offering exceptional live chat and phone support, comprehensive web-based resources, live remote-access functionality, advanced file-sharing, and even screen-casting functionality which allows you to send us your question or issue visually.

Now, easier than ever - use our new LIVE CHAT. Simply Log Into our Help Center to quickly and easily CHAT with our Technical Support Staff.

By logging in to our Customer Portal, you also get access to our extensive Knowledge Base, where you'll find even more insight into the SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks products you use in your day-to-day environment. You can even search on keywords for tips, tricks, and workarounds from our experts.

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Customer Satisfaction

We believe in transparency. That’s why we display and share our customer satisfaction information as it happens. This is a real-time indicator which reflects the 100 most recent support cases, where our end-users give us an indication of his/her satisfaction, via a customer survey.


*Chart is based on the 100 most recent surveys

Getting Started?

We’ve learned from our customers that the process of installing and configuring any new solution can sometimes be frustrating. That’s why we’ve worked hard to put together the best guidance possible. We’ve created go-to resources, including articles, videos, and datasheets that take the guess-work out of getting up and running. If you’d like to learn more about the installation, configuration, setup or administration, this is a great place to start.


File Upload

Share your files and projects with our support team, allowing us to learn more about the nature of your question or issues. Use this option to send us files greater than 5mb in size.

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Start a Meeting

When working with our support engineers, you’ll have the ability to collaborate - real-time - in a live, web-based meeting using powerful, state-of-the-art resources so we can get to a solution with you faster.

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