CAMWorks CNC Milling 101 - Online

CAMWorks CNC Milling 101 - Online training
The goal of the class is to give all the tools between SOLIDWORKS/CAMWorks and Machining 101 to successfully cut a part. We plan to reference CAMWorks a great deal during this class, but this is not intended to replace any CAMWorks specific training. CAMWorks examples are in regard to everything above to help explain things.
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2 x 4-Hour Sessions

Recommended Pre-Reqs:

  • Experience with the Windows™ operating system

Main Topics Covered:

  • Explain different types of CNC machines
  • Go over axis and direction +/-
  • Setting up work offset in controller / using edge finder or dial indicator for circle
  • Touching off tools
  • Cutter compensation
  • Workholding / vises / step clamps etc, rotary, trunnions etc, v-blocks
  • Cutting vise jaws / custom fixturing
  • Coolant
  • Inspection / measuring tools
  • Squaring a vise or sine plate etc
  • Tooling: flutes, coating, hss/carbide, helix angle, LOC in reference to chattering
  • Feeds and Speeds: show calculations, milling advisor, axial/radial, just best practices
  • Some metallurgy: Hardness, Brinell/Rockwell
  • Tool holder specifics: ER collets, spindle taper, retention knob, ways to hold tools