OnDemand: CAMWorks Wire EDM

OnDemand: CAMWorks Wire EDM
An Introduction to CAMWorks Wire EDM
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This class teaches how to use CAMWorks for programming 2- through 4-axis Wire EDM CNC machines. Learn CAMWorks Wire EDM software, which provides a more intuitive, automatic, and efficient method of generating EDM toolpaths and machine code.

Learning Methodology: Watch each of the course videos first as if it were a lecture. Repeat the steps of the video along with the manual, software and file set.

Develop CAMWorks WIRE EDM skills and capabilities through this course:

Main Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to User Interface
  • Setting Stock and Machines
  • Generate and Simulate Tool Path
  • Using Automatic Feature Recognition
  • Cutting Dies and Punches
  • 4 Axis Cutting Toolpaths
  • Posting the Program