OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Composer, An Introduction

A 3 hour project based approach to learning the basics of SOLIDWORKS Composer
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The goal of this course is to teach the main concepts needed to quickly come up to speed with SOLIDWORKS Composer. The course is designed around a SOLIDWORKS assembly of a remote controlled VW Bug. The car is imported into Composer and used to create exploded views, BOM tables, detail views, balloons, labels, and animations. Publications will be generated in a variety of formats including technical illustrations, high resolution marketing images, AVI movie files, executable player files, and more.

***The videos are recorded using 2017 version of SOLIDWORKS Composer


Learning Methodology: The best way to learn is by doing. Use 2 monitors connected to the graphics card of your computer. Have one monitor (or mobile device) playing the video and the other monitor displaying SOLIDWORKS Composer. You can also have the video playing on a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone if you do not have 2 monitors available. Work along with the video to complete the tasks discussed in the video. Pause, rewind, and play the video as necessary while you work along with the instructor. Repeat the process as many times as you wish. 

Topics covered:

  • User Interface
  • Editing Properties
  • Updating and Renderings
  • Subassembly selection
  • Labels and Styles
  • BOMs
  • The Digger and the Root
  • Explode Lines
  • Detail Views
  • Instructional Arrows
  • Story Boards
  • Primitives and Pivots
  • Making a Video
  • Event Linking
  • Publications