SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional
This class is a combination of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and Electrical 3D classes, provided at a bundled price You will learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical to optimize your drawings and designs for manufacturability so you can maximize quality, avoid rework and decrease time to market. You'll also learn how SOLIDWORKS Electrical converts a 2D schematic into a 3D SOLIDWORKS Assembly.
$1750.00 USD
4 Day Class

Recommended Pre-Reqs:

  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials
  • SOLIDWORKS Built-in Tutorials
  • PC Windows OS

Main Topics Covered:

  • Project Templates
  • Modifying Project Templates
  • Drawing Types
  • Symbols and Components
  • Manufacturers Parts
  • Wires and Equipotentials
  • Cabling
  • Symbol Creation
  • Macros
  • Cross Referencing
  • Managing Origin-Destination Arrows
  • Dynamic Programmable Logic Control
  • Automated Programmable Logic Control
  • Connectors
  • 2D Cabinet Layouts
  • Design Rule Checks
  • Reports
  • Assembly Creation
  • Cabinets, Ducts, Rails
  • Component Intelligence
  • Insert Components
  • Routing Wires
  • Routing Cables
  • 3D Error Analysis