SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Electronics Cooling - Online

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Electronics Cooling - Online training
This course addresses the capabilities of Flow Simulation that are specific to the analysis of electronic and electric cooling systems. The 3-hour class covers capabilities that are available in every license of SolidWorks Flow Simulation, but a further 30 minutes of bonus content on capabilities available with the SolidWorks Flow Simulation Electronics Cooling (EC) Add-on module is included at the end of the session.
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1 x 4-Hour Session

Recommended Pre-Reqs:

Main Topics Covered:

  • Analyzing cooling in a electronics/electric model
  • Thermal Contact Resistance and Orthotropic Material Definitions (PCBs)
  • Application of fan, heat sink and TEC models to an analysis system
  • Using transferred boundary conditions to "zoom in" and analyze a detailed region of a system
  • Use of heat pipes, PCB calculators, 2-Resistor Component models and Joule heating (bonus content - requires EC module)