SOLIDWORKS OnDemand Courses

With carefully designed content, our SOLIDWORKS OnDemand Courses can be taken conveniently on your own schedule.

SOLIDWORKS OnDemand Courses
OnDemand: Getting Started with SOLIDWORKS
A 13 hour Step-by-Step Video Series using a project based approach to learn SOLIDWORKS
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Routing: Electrical
Almost 4 hrs of video content teaching techniques used with the Routing module in SOLIDWORKS Premium
OnDemand: Intro to SOLIDWORKS Simulation
An introductory course on setting up Linear Static Stress and Fatigue finite element analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS CAM Getting Started
This class will walk through a quick start guide showing how to use SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard and Professional on two SOLIDWORKS CAD part files. The course explains how to set up your machine, stock material, tool crib, and even how to sort and edit toolpaths. After finishing this course you should have a solid understanding of the programming process in SOLIDWORKS CAM.
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Drawings - ANSI
An OnDemand video course to learn SOLIDWORKS DRAWING - ANSI
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal
An advanced course with almost 5 hours of video for learning sheet metal tools and techniques using SOLIDWORKS
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling
An advanced course with over 7 hours of video for learning surface modeling techniques in SOLIDWORKS
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Admin Training Refresher
This course serves as a refresher to recall key elements of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Administration course
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Weldments
An advanced course with almost 6 hours of video for learning weldment tools and techniques using SOLIDWORKS
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Mold Design
An Introduction to Mold Design using SOLIDWORKS
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS CircuitWorks
An OnDemand video introductory course for SOLIDWORKS CircuitWorks
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Inspection
An On Demand video course to learn SOLIDWORKS Inspection
OnDemand: CAMWorks 2.5 Axis - Quick Start
A short course designed to get you up and running quickly with CAMWorks 2.5 Axis Milling
OnDemand: CAMWorks Wire EDM
An Introduction to CAMWorks Wire EDM
OnDemand: SOLIDWORKS Motion
An OnDemand course with almost 6 hrs of video content covering SOLIDWORKS Motion analysis techniques in a variety of design situations. This OnDemand class, being a recording, requires that the customer be running SW 2017
OnDemand: NESTINGWorks
A short course designed to show you how to use NESTINGWorks within the SOLIDWORKS interface
A 3 hour project based approach to learning the basics of SOLIDWORKS Composer